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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Matthew Show boy unveiled as baby daddy of Anita Joseph's son and child

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Matthew Show boy has been unveiled as baby daddy of Anita Joseph's son and child. 

Taking to social media, popular Nigerian blogger, Cutie_juls, revealed that a babymama to Show boy. 

Cutie_juls wrote: "Matthew aka Show boy and his camp have accused singer Flavour and Actress Anita Joseph of been the 2 main people who worked ruined his music career. We’ve been on this case for sometime now.

If you swipe left, you will see Matthew’s picture when he was younger. If you’ve been following this page, you will notice we’ve posted that particular picture before today but the strength to post the gist just wasn’t there. It doesn’t feel easy. So we had to really go all out before bringing.

Well brief introduction, obviously Flavour and Anita need no introduction cuz many or better put everybody knows them.

Matthew [gentleman in stripped shirt] is a former Nigerian singer whose showbiz name is “SHOW BOI” and he is also babydaddy of actress Anita Joseph.

"They have a son together. So fast forward Showboy was signed to a record label and the label got him an apartment to stay back then. Our findings from the record label revealed he was super talented. Anita was already a celebrity who had made a name in nollywood. Anita came on to the record label as a new artist. Showboy had a girlfriend then but when he met Anita things changed.

"We ain’t posting what his camp said but what we found out. I think he fell more for Anita cuz he also needed her fame to rise more. He eventually left his girlfriend for Anita etc and along the line pregnancy came in.

Now, Anita went away for sometime to deliver her baby to avoid all the paparazzi etc as an actress.

"Before Anita came back, a new lady was signed to the record label. The lady apparently was dating one of the bosses of that record label. Fast forward Anita got back and I personally feel it was just a coincidence that the boss of the record Label found out about Showboy and Jane’s relationship the same time.

"Now read this for now... Will be back with the main gist as to why Showboy’s camp is blaming Flavour and Anita of been the reason why he couldn’t go far with music then online in-laws, you give your 2 cents. No foul languages please, biko. Thanks in advance

"NB: Instagram only allow an X amount of words at a time."

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