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Sunday, August 21, 2022

PHOTOS: "I am too afraid to lay my hands on the lord's anointed" - Nephew, Daysman Oyakhilome, finally breaks his silence after being suspended by pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Daysman Oyakhilomen, finally breaks silence 11 days after being suspended as president of love world nation by his uncle, Pastor Chris Oyakhilomen for endorsing Apc presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu. (Read More Here).

According to him, sons do not fight fathers. He further went on to reveal he didn't know he had much influence as his 'matter' dethroned big brother and the legendary Peter Obi from the net space.

Daysman Oyakhilome wrote: "So for days now I've been asked by many news agencies and big media to say something regarding the very interesting happenings in the past weeks..

"If not for the name involved, I'd very much remain silent.
"Where I come from sons do not fight with Fathers, it is a curse! You just have to believe that they see what you do not see and trust in their process.

"If all Jesus saw was the death on the cross he would have missed the bigger picture of the resurrection, everyone had to see him die to end all debate on his resurrection, if he hadn't died, his divinity would still be up for debate. Point made- God does not hide 

"His love even when it's the tough kind.
It is unfair to have been given more opportunities than almost anyone in your generation and not expect to be more challenged than almost anyone in your generation, if you didn't have a future ahead of you, the Lord wouldn't provide you the tools and people to solidify your character and person.
Moreso we were raised to defend the actions and guidance of our fathers no matter what and see the value in it, you can never go wrong for it

"If you loved the teacher when he provided you with knowledge, do not love him less when he presents you with an examination.
You cannot tell a father how to raise his son.
If he didn't think I could take it, then he wouldn't have done it.

"For those of you having mixed reactions...Note that there were fathers who took their sons to a mountain to offer as burnt offering to the Lord in the bible.
One sent his to a cross 😀
Aren't you glad I didn't end up as one of those two?

"It is God that gives instructions on processes to follow to bring out the best in you.
It is a blessing to be corrected by your father.

"A father is the greatest gift to your future.
For those suggesting that I share my personal opinions on how I feel I should have been treated and share my views, hoping to politicize this, "I am too afraid to go contrary to the Lord's anointed.
And plus it felt interesting to have been the most searched person in the world for one week.😊

"I didn't know my matter had this much influence, dethroning big brother from net space.
I am wise enough to see God's favor in His process."

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