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Monday, August 29, 2022

PHOTOS: Recent photo of Pooh Shiesty surfaces from prison

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Recent picture of Pooh Shiesty surfaces from prison.

Recall that Pooh Shiesty Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Gun Case in 2022. The 22-year-old Memphis native, born Lontrell Williams, was “happy” with the decision from U.S. District Judge Kevin Michael Moore in Miami Federal Court considering he had reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors that allowed for a sentence of up to eight years and one month in prison, his lawyer said.

“Listen, nobody’s happy to go to prison, but he was happy the judge listened to our argument, and the judge received the argument well. He was satisfied with the outcome,” defense lawyer Bradford Cohen tells Rolling Stone, referring to the rapper. “We’re happy with the decision of the court.”

“The government wants this court to believe Mr. Williams, with a net worth of $3,449,446, planned a robbery, then committed a robbery, and then shot a known drug dealer who knew him well and could easily identify him. All over a few hundred-dollar drug deal for personal use, while he was driving a lime green McLaren that he rented from the alleged victim,” he argued in his paperwork.

“Mr. Williams possessed over $40,000 in cash and was driving a vehicle valued at over $200,000. It would be illogical for Mr. Williams to stage a robbery by two other individuals over something so minuscule as a bottle of liquid codeine with a retail value of a few hundred dollars, at most, when any damage done to the McLaren in the process would have cost thousands of dollars to repair,” the paperwork argued.

Williams was indicted in June on four counts related to the shooting. In addition to the charges of conspiracy to possess a firearm and discharging a firearm, he was also hit with two additional counts of robbery in violation of the federal Hobbs Act. The case had been scheduled for trial in October, when Williams notified the court that he wanted to reach a plea agreement.

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