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Sunday, September 18, 2022

FULL LEAKED VIDEO: Clip and pictures show GTA 6 previews are in Vice City as robbery scenes get leaked

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Clip and pictures show GTA is in Vice City as robbery scenes get leaked.

GTA 4 was ahead of its time. Grey, rainy, and filthy, its version of Liberty City played perfect host to a form of protagonist and narrative that previous Grand Theft Auto games – previous games, full stop – were never brave enough to embrace. Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t played it, but the ending of GTA 4 ultimately sees Niko Bellic, irrevocably traumatised by the Yugoslav Wars, choose between either his cousin, Roman, or his potential love interest, Kate. 

Everything I learned from the #GTA6 Leak folder.
-Female Protagonist & Male Protagonist confirmed with character switching.
-Vice City confirmed
-Open store robberies
-Possible Swampland area on the map due to an airboat being shown.
-Takes place after gta 5. 

If he chooses Roman, Kate is unceremoniously killed and any chance Niko may have had at a better, happier life dies with her. If he chooses Kate, it is Roman who gets killed, and Kate refuses to ever speak with him again, once more leaving him alone in the world. After all the killing, stealing, and bloodshed that would normally elevate a GTA character to the top of the criminal underworld, Niko’s life is worse at the end of GTA 4 than it is at the beginning. It’s a bold and atypical rags-to-rags story.

It's extremely important to emphasize that some of these videos date back to 2021 and if real, this represents a work in progress for a game that will not release for years. Therefore, do not expect it to blow your hair back with the world's greatest graphics or details. Of course, this could all be one big elaborate fake, so take it with a grain of salt. GTAForums users are currently debating whether it's authentic or not, but many have noted the amount of effort it would take to get the voice actors, create the systems at play here, and more.

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