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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Selingkuh SEXTS: "That body of yours is absurd. Holy F'cking" - More IG DMs of Adam Levine resurface on Twitter and Snapchat

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that more flirting DMs of Adam Levine with his side chicks are gradually coming out. 

The gig is set to go down Oct. 1 at the MGM Grand, and we're told the show will go on -- even now, with Adam's relationship status in the headlines amid a DM scandal. Our sources tell us there will be no red carpet at the event, similar to last year, so Adam won't be grilled by reporters.

Not just that, but our sources tell us Adam is also going to forge ahead with other professional commitments he's already made -- and that would seem to include his M5 world tour, with stops all over Asia through the end of the year, as well as one final NYE show in Palm Springs.

It's interesting, considering the drama has now ballooned even beyond what was originally alleged. It all started with one woman claiming she had an affair with Adam, which he denied. She offered up DMs suggesting he wanted to name his unborn kid after her.

Yet while many Twitter users expressed sympathy for the rock star's pregnant wife as the couple navigate the scandal, they couldn't help but poke fun at the 'leaked' messages sent by the singer, in which he used phrases such as 'I may need to see the booty' and offering to buy one woman's 'a**' 'a steak dinner and whisper sweet nothings into it.' 

One phrase that caught the eye of several users was 'It is unreal how f***ing hot you are. Like it blows my mind', with tweeters suggesting this is what climate change activist Greta Thunburg would say to the earth's core or what Goldilocks would remark to her porridge.

Along with a barrage of memes, fans tweeted: 'i think we can all agree that “i may need to see the booty” is something we should carry with us from this adam levine scandal, it is truly a gift and we need to incorporate it into the lexicon'; 

'it’s probably been pointed out, but Adam Levine sexts like Homer writes postcards'; 'Adam Levine sexts like a TV detective who's just had the epiphany that cracks the case wide open ctfu';

'absolutely dying over the adam levine sexts, it turns out if you're skinny and muscular enough you never develop flirt muscles and just'; 'The worst part of this whole Adam Levine thing is that I learning from the internet that I too sext like a teenage boy.';

'Adam Levine's sexts could also serve as the final words of Icarus'; 'i haven’t thought about Adam Levine in my entire life but I can’t stop laughing at this, perfect sext'; 'Adam Levine’s leaked sext make me a lot less confident about how well she will be loved'; 

'Adam Levine could easily turn the bad “I may need to see the booty” sext into a hit song.'; 'Adam Levine, I’ve had bots that can sext better than you.'; 'Adam Levine sexts like a sheltered kid would if he looked up “how to sext” on wikihow.'

Despite the insatiable public interest and the growing raft of women coming forward, neither Levine nor his pregnant wife looked bothered as they were spotted strolling around Montecito, California with their daughter on Wednesday. 

The pictures were taken just hours before an Alabama college student became the fifth woman to speak out on Levine's wandering eyes, claiming the Maroon 5 frontman randomly stumbled upon her social media earlier this year and began chatting her up.

Ashley Russell, 21, who runs a health and exercise Instagram account with just over 4,100 followers, said the singer suddenly began viewing her Instagram stories in March this year, before liking her posts and sending her direct messages. 

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