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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Unconfirmed Reddit rumours says Heart Evangelista and her husband, Chiz Escudero, have split

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that there's an unconfirmed rumor about Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero filling for divorce and annulment. 

Taking to social media, a Filipino said the reasons for the separation between Heart Evangelista and Chiz is the fact that Chiz impregnated another woman (cheated the on her). 

After netizens have been speculating about break-up rumors between fashion icon Heart Evangelista and her husband, Chiz Escudero, the socialite turns to her youtube channel to open up about overcoming her challenges in life. 

The Reddit rumours read:

"The Chiz and Heart tea has already been spilled, what about Janella Salvador and Markus Peterson?
By this time alam na ata natin lahat what the deal with Chiz and Heart is, so now the marites in me who is bored at work right now wants to know what is up with Janella and Markus hahaha.

"Mejo sketchy na from the start eh. Claimed she was pregnant nung nasa UK na siya and gave birth there. Local media keeps labelling the father as an artist pero wala naman may kilala even sa UK. Tapos ngayon break na daw sila and puro na lang being a single mom ang nasa news ngayon about Janella.

"Is he really the father or is it someone else's baby and nakipag areglo na lang kay Markus to be the father since baka super controversial if malaman ang tunay na father?"

Reactions below:

Moneoa: If the rumors surrounding Heart & Chiz are true, I won't be surprised, though I'd be truly sad for them. They're so different I guess. Differences may make for a good attraction at the beginning, but it's in the shared similarities that keeps people/things together for long, IMO.

Johnson: Sorry for this but ang tanga lang nung tweets na “hiwalay na si heart and chiz, echo-heart forever”
Ghorl, the guy is literally married. 🥲 how about we normalize NOT stanning married people with someone else, let alone their exes?
A little respect for the partner nemen. "🥹

Patrick: Heart is more famous, richer and very successful. So why would she need to use Chiz as a status symbol? Mukhang gumagamit ka nanaman ng terms na hindi mo alam gamitin ah.

Rachel: Hiwalay na raw Chiz at Heart. Tapos daming sisi agad si Heart. Uhmmm Chiz has a record of not being able to make a marriage work. Heart doesn't. Diba mas may sense i-speculate that it's Chiz's fault? Anyway... speculation lang. Hope they're both ok.

Matthew: Heart and Chiz filing an annulment is what’s best for Heart. She’s an icon with or without that man.

Martin: This is unconfirmed but based on a Reddit thread; Chiz is an alcoholic, manipulative, and a cheater. Heart's last straw apparently is him impregnating another woman. It's wild but I hope Ms.Heart's okay and be able to bounce back from this, at the end of the day, he need NO MAN.

Emmanuel: I wouldn't call Heart Evangelista a "trophy wife". But I would call Chiz a trophy husband. Heart is more famous than him and probably richer from her own sweat. 😎

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