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Friday, September 16, 2022

VIDEO: YouTuber, Liver King, seen doing biceps curls outside Buckingham Palace in memoriam of The Queen Elizabeth II

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that YouTuber, Liver King, was recently seen doing biceps curls outside Buckingham Palace in memoriam of The Queen. (Read More Here).

The clip has gone viral and it has caused stirs on social media in the United Kingdom and Canada. 

The Liver King takes a big bite of raw liver.
The Liver King does own shirts, first of all. Several, he claims. I haven’t personally seen them, because when he greeted me in the cavernous entryway of his Texas mansion, he wasn’t wearing one. Nor did I see any in his closet later, which—though it contains approximately 900 identical pairs of athletic shorts and enough guns and ammunition to arm the military of a smaller nation—did not seem to contain even a single t-shirt. Nonetheless, he assured me that there are a few in there, somewhere. It was a bit like when a sign at a national park tells you there are mountain lions in the woods: You believe it, but you understand that you’re unlikely to cross paths with any.

A shirt would only muffle the Liver King’s message: that the modern world has made men unconscionably soft, and that the only way to fight back is by living more like our earliest, most-jacked ancestors. The way to accomplish this, according to the Liver King, is by following his nine “ancestral tenets” (sleep, eat, move, shield, connect, cold, sun, fight, bond), doing the most brutal workouts imaginable, and, above all, eating more raw liver—the nutrient-dense meat favored by, as his website puts it, “lions, great whites, and other wild alpha organisms.”

While the Liver King is far from the only public figure bemoaning the enfeebled state of American masculinity, he seems to be doing it with the most raw offal. And his message is apparently resonating, or at least the outrageous nature of his content is. Since joining social media just last August, the Liver King has amassed over a million followers on Instagram, and over two million followers on TikTok. In addition to his legions of followers, who he calls “primals,” he’s attracted the attention of the famous and fit. YouTuber Logan Paul had him on his podcast in April. Succession's Nicholas Braun reached out for advice on buying blood in a recent Instagram comment. MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes tweeted in March: “Guys, Liver King is in New York City and I’m losing my mind.” He even caught the eye of the High Priest of Yoked Dudes himself, Joe Rogan, though Rogan was less than complimentary. During an April episode of his podcast, Rogan dismissed the Liver King’s claims about the supremacy of liver as a “gimmick,” saying: “He has got an ass filled with steroids, is what that guy’s go

“I don’t touch the stuff,” the Liver King told me, unphased, adding that he’s “grateful to Joe Rogan for bringing me into his ecosystem” and that he’d love to go on the podcast someday. You can’t rattle a true believer, and the Liver King is nothing if not a believer in his own product. In person, he’s jovial and exuberant, but he proselytizes with the repetition and verve of a zealot. He rattles off the nine ancestral tenets like a monk reciting hail marys on a rosary. His speech is peppered liberally with both hoary locker-room wisdom (“How you do anything is how you do everything”) and some innovations of his own: “Why eat vegetables when you can eat testicles?”

Indeed, while liver will always be his first love, the Liver King also sings the praises of other oft-ignored parts of an animal, like bone marrow, the tongue, and the balls. Eating another animal’s testicles is supposed to strengthen your own: “Vegetables don’t have the raw material required to produce a healthy set of testicles,” he explained. “Testicles do have everything required to produce and support and strengthen them.”

Reactions below:

Michael: Seeing Liver King do biceps curls outside Buckingham Palace in memoriam of The Queen only supports my theory that we live in a simulation.

Westminster: Is this guy related to Ronnie Pickering in that he thinks everyone knows of him but everyone is really "huh?"?

Thomas: not at all. the liver king is looking to go viral. the 'dude' who did pushups next to RBG's casket was her personal trainer of 21 years, and it was his way to honor his friend and client. not to get people to eat organ meat.

Lascia: Wait is that THE liver king? Like the one that sleeps on a plank of wood and keeps his phone in a jar cause his wife doesn't like phones in the house?

French: This dude is such a fraud, although the mantra why eat vegetables when you can eat testicles is rather genius.

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