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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Chrisean Rock says that Blueface assaulted and beat her up after he caught her texting another man

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Chrisean Rock says that Blueface assaulted and beat her up after he caught her texting another man.

In addition to sharing a photo of her bruised and bloody face, Chrisean went live — which she claims she did for her safety and so that her boyfriend would stop hurting her.

She admitted, “I went live so you could stop putting your hands on me, b*tch. You’re too comfortable. You slipped up.” Several times during the live, Chrisean appears to address Blueface, who can be heard in the background. She told him repeatedly, “You punched me in my mouth. You punched me in my eye. You’s a b*tch.”

Chrisean says after their argument over an unnamed guy, she tried to jump out of the car to avoid further assault. She alleges Blueface “pulled [her] back just to hit [her] in [her] nose and [her] mouth. Cause [she was] trying to get out [his] car.”

She then adds, “Over some sh*t that you seen on my Instagram. Well b*tch, nobody told you to come to my booking to collect MY money.” Later, Chrisean says, “I’m not covering up for you no more, bro. I take ass whoopings all the time, because of my n****a.”

Chrisean Rock and Blueface are infamous for breaking up to make up. They have gone from fighting each other’s relatives to licking feet, from arguing on social media to confessing their love for one another; from swearing they were finished to announcing the release of their new reality television show.

Given their history of feuding, social media users have tried their hardest to pay them as little attention as possible– however, that has not worked out. Constantly, the two are putting outsiders in their relationship; this time, it’s no different.

Chrisean Rock went live from her Instagram account and was visibly upset. With tears running down her face, she uttered, “The f*ck. This is a busted lip. A busted nose… you’re lying. You weird a** bitch.”

As the comments began rolling in and worried supporters asked questions, Rock revealed that she had been texting a boy, which resulted in the “b*tch a** n*gga” beating her up.

“He gone pull me back just to hit me in my mouth because I wanted to jump out the car,” she added, disheveled.

In the screen recording, a man’s voice can be heard in the background, saying, “I hope y’all can work on this,” to which she yelled, “No!” She reiterated that she tried to escape the situation only to get physically assaulted by Blue.

“I’m drunk, and you’re being a b*tch… you’re too comfortable and keep hitting me in my face,” Rock stated with a quivering voice.

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