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Friday, October 14, 2022

Kim Kardashian is working with Gunna’s legal team to get him out of jail

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Kim Kardashian spoke out in favor of the jailed rapper Gunna in multiple posts shared to her Instagram Stories on Thursday. (Read More Here).

The 41-year-old reality star wrote in consecutive text posts that the 29-year-old hitmaker was being held on 'no evidence' after he was charged in May with his regular collaborator Young Thug, 31, and 26 others on gang-related charges, including murder and armed robbery.

She described the 'pleasure' she had meeting the rapper earlier this year. Though she didn't specify the circumstances, both attended the Met Gala in New York City on May 2 of this year, just days before Gunna's arrest.

'He appreciated my interest in criminal justice reform and asked me to take a look at his cousin's case,' she said, presumably referring to their first meeting. 

Kim added that she had lately been working with the musicians legal team, adding that, 'the facts of his case are yet another example of why the "justice system" is any thing but just.'

The Kardashians star then laid out what she considered to be the relevant 'facts' behind Gunna's incarceration.

She noted that 'prosecutors alleged witness intimidation,' but claimed that no one had actually said he threatened them, nor point out anyone else he had allegedly threatened.

The ex-wife of Kanye West also expressed skepticism about prosecutors' claims that a nurse gave the rapper illegal drugs, as the 'nurse says this is untrue and there is zero evidence it happened.'

In May, Gunna, Young Thug, and several other members of the YSL collective were arrested in a massive RICO indictment. The initial indictment accuses Gunna of drug possession with intent to distribute, as well as “participation in criminal street gang activity,” and he is facing a single count of racketeering. In a June statement, Gunna maintained his innocence, writing, “My art is not allowed to stand alone as entertainment, I’m not allowed that freedom as a Black Man in America.” He was denied bond in July for the second time, for the third time on October 13, and a trial is expected to take place in January 2023.

“Although we must respect the Court’s ruling, we know it is wrong,” Gunna’s attorney Steve Sadow told Rolling Stone following the latest unsuccessful appeal. “Gunna is innocent of the charge against him and should not be in jail pending trial.”

There has been some controversy around the case over witnesses; another of Gunna’s lawyers, Kristen Norvay, said in August that his legal team has not been presented with “a single shred of evidence from a witness who was actually threatened,” per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Earlier in October, Kardashian began releasing the first season of her podcast, subtitled The Case of Kevin Keith and focusing on the titular convict who has been imprisoned for 28 years on triple-homicide charges, despite a lack of physical evidence. The podcast has been a huge success, topping the Spotify charts, but two survivors of the crime in question told The Daily Mail that they were never contacted by Kardashian’s team, and maintained that Keith is guilty of the crime.

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