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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Lil Wayne throws high school reunion party with his class of 2000

Lil Wayne throws high school reunion party with his class of 2000. (Read More Here).

Weezy celebrated the class of 2000 in what looked like a fun and wholesome event, where Weezy looks more like a part of the crew than a rapper surrounded by admirers. It’s got to be crazy to have copied homework off one of the greatest rappers of all time, and to have seen his skyrocketing fame in real time. Now that the 40-year-old can take more of a retrospective look on his career and his beginnings, it’s great to see that he’s bringing it all the way back to his community.

Tunechi has also been seemingly applying that retrospective to other figures in his rap career as well. He recently told NFL player Marcellus Wiley that Jay-Z is the greatest rapper of all time while on his More To It podcast. Many would instead bestow that prize onto Wayne himself, including Juelz Santana. He called Lil Wayne “the best rapper in the world” when dismissing claims that Lil Wayne ripped him off.

“You know, especially these blogs and s**t, they try to separate or try to throw salt in the game,” Santana said. “They love to hit me with the ‘Oh, Wayne took all this from you.’ I be like, man, Wayne is a student of the game just like we’ve all been students of the game. So Wayne did exactly what he was supposed to do. Wayne studied every artist.”

“We all took s**t from each other,” he continued. “That’s my brother at the end of the day.”

Stay tuned to HotNewHipHop for more news about hip-hop history, the impact and careers of legends like Lil Wayne, and to see how the greatest rappers in the world are looking back on their monumental careers.

Although Gucci is known for his street life, the rapper excelled in high school and graduated with good grades alongside a scholarship for college. It took Guwop awhile to actually make it to college though, saying in his autobiography: “I was doing pretty well for myself in the streets, so going back to school was the last thing on my mind,” he wrote. “So I didn’t go. I think they call that a gap year.” In related news, Gucci Mane’s biopic has been picked up by Paramount Players.

As his 20-year high school reunion approaches, Gucci Mane has promised to attend and pay for the party himself. In a tweet that can be seen below, Gucci personally invited anyone who’s graduated from Atlanta’s McNair High School to attend the reunion, also saying he wants to pay for it all.

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