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Thursday, October 6, 2022

PHOTOS: Pop Smoke Killer Gets Backlash For Posting Pictures of Him Eating Pizza Hut In Prison

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Pop Smoke Killer Gets Backlash For Posting Pictures of Him Eating Pizza Hut In Prison. (Read More Here).

On February 19, 2020, New York rapper Pop Smoke was killed in his Los Angeles rental house during a home invasion. He was just 20 years old. The up-and-coming performer, née Bashar Barakah Jackson, was among the leaders of Brooklyn’s drill movement.

As police investigated Pop Smoke’s death, internet investigators forged their own hypotheses about what happended, sowing confusion over his murder. Authorities struggled to find a motive, as many witnesses were unreliable or uncooperative, TMZ reported on February 29. Jonathan Tippet, a captain with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Robbery and Homicide Division, reportedly told the Los Angeles Times that he was “not comfortable calling it a robbery right now.”

Meanwhile, Pop Smoke’s fans and web sleuths pointed out that he had posted photos on social media showing lots of cash, as well as a luxury car and designer goods. He had also put up posts on Facebook and Instagram with pictures of designer bags; the complete address of the rental was visible on the packaging. Mike “Dee” Durodola, Pop Smoke’s friend, also posted at least one photo in which the address could be partially seen in the background — spurring some fans to accuse him of setting up his confidant. Derodulo, who was reportedly at Pop Smoke’s rental during the deadly shooting, slammed those allegations, writing on Instagram: “I WOULD NEVER IN MY LIFE SET MY BROTHER UP.” Cops also probed whether Jackson’s death was related to his possible involvement with the Crips.

On July 9, 2020, the Los Angeles Police Department announced that it had arrested five people in relation to Pop Smoke’s murder. Four days later, prosecutors announced that four of them were charged in Pop Smoke’s slaying: Corey Walker, 19, Keandre Rodgers, 18, and two minor teens whose names haven’t been released because of their age. (The fifth suspect who had been arrested ultimately wasn’t charged in Pop Smoke’s death, but was implicated in an “unrelated string of shootings” earlier that year, according to the Los Angeles Times.) Although the suspects were in an L.A. gang, police sources cited by TMZ said they didn’t think the crime was linked to Pop Smoke’s potential gang ties, given that he was from New York City, nor part of a potential East Coast–West Coast dispute.

According to the New York Daily News, Los Angeles Police Department detective Carlos Camacho said that Pop Smoke was fatally shot by the 15-year-old suspect. The teens involved in Pop Smoke’s death were allegedly at his rental to steal his diamond-encrusted Rolex and Cuban-link chain. They only wound up stealing Pop Smoke’s watch and later sold it for a mere $2,000, per the report.

The accused shooter, who faces murder and robbery charges, allegedly “admitted that they asked for the jewelry” and then got into “a confrontation” with Pop Smoke, Camacho said. “They got into a fight, and he shot [Jackson] three times,” Camacho claimed. “[The accused] said he shot him on the back.” These revelations came in a “recorded” jailhouse interview between the teen and his cellmate in May 2020, the New York Daily News said.

He said his client “did not plan this crime” and in the “worst case scenario” was only the driver who “remained outside seated in the driver’s seat” of a vehicle that belonged to him and his grandmother.

“The defendant was aware that a weapon was being used,” Darden wrote, but “he was careful to insist that his weapon” not be fired.

Walker allegedly insisted that “if it became necessary for the suspects to defend themselves, they should use a flower vase rather than shoot someone,” Darden wrote.

“It was only after the robbers exited the house and reentered the vehicle that [Walker] learned of the shooting. In response, [Walker] assaulted the shooter,” he argued.

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