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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Tyler Perry once fired his ENTIRE accounting team after finding out the IRS owed him $9 million

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Tyler Perry once fired his ENTIRE accounting team after finding out the IRS owed him $9 million.. (Read More Here).

Tyler Perry revealed he once fired his entire accounting team after learning the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) owed him $9 million in tax returns.

The filmmaker and philanthropist, who had been on the receiving end of an audit, shared the story at the 2022 Earn Your Leisure Conference, where he discussed his career journey and some of the challenges he’s learned from along the way.

Although Perry didn’t go the traditional college route to achieve billionaire status, she shared that he learned his lessons by spending more than most people’s college tuitions.
“Money isn’t something that I had, and nobody taught me that taxes had to be paid,” he shared. “I didn’t go to college, but I paid for Harvard many times over in the mistakes that I made.”

In front of a live audience, Perry retold the time when a particular IRS agent became obsessed with what Perry was doing with his money.

The philanthropist shared the information with attendees at the 2022 Earn Your Leisure Conference where he talked about his successful career journey along with some of the challenges and learning experiences he faced along the way.

“We get to the end of the audit and they, the IRS, owed me $9 million,” he shared.

Perry shared that although his team of accountants were elated about the return, the actor made an executive decision to fire the team responsible for his accounting, wondering how they missed him paying $9 million.

“Everybody gone! I had to stop going to H&R block for my taxes at some point,” he joked with the conference’s audience, according to Finurah.

“I learned in progress and it’s okay,” Perry said.

“Listen to me: In business, it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to learn. You have to learn, but don’t let it keep happening over and over again. That’s one thing about me. I’ll let you make a million mistakes, but you can’t do the same thing over and over again.”

“That’s how I run my business. Here’s the mistake. Let’s fix it; let’s move forward,” he said.

reportedly, Perry got the agent from the IRS removed from the case and replaced with one of his superiors.

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