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Saturday, October 1, 2022

US CYPHER VOICE NOTE: Leaked audio of Imran Khan discussing 'foreign conspiracy' cypher gets leaked

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Leaked audio of Imran Khan discussing 'foreign conspiracy' cypher gets leaked. (Read More Here).

The clip making rounds on social media seemingly features a conversation between Imran and his former principal secretary, Azam Khan, about a cypher that the PTI chief has for long presented as evidence of ‘a foreign conspiracy’ to oust him from the top office.

The development came as a meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC) was scheduled to take place to ascertain how informal conversations in the country’s highest office — the Prime Minister’s Office — were leaked.

Here, the second voice, believed to be of Azam, is heard, suggesting holding a meeting on the cypher.

“See, if you recall, in that the ambassador has written in the end to [send] a demarche. Even if the demarche is not to be sent, as I have thought a lot about it at night — you said they raised it — I thought about how to cover all this.

“Let’s hold a meeting with Shah Mahmood Qureshi (who was the foreign minister in Imran’s government) and the foreign secretary. Shah Mahmood Qureshi will read out that letter and whatever he reads out will be converted into a copy. I will then make minutes [out of it and say] that the foreign secretary has prepared this.

He elaborates that the analysis would conclude that “it is a threat. It is called a threat in diplomatic language”.

The man, believed to Azam, adds that “minutes are in my hands … we will draft the minutes”.

Here, the person on the other end, purportedly Imran, is heard asking who would be called to the meeting. “Shah Mahmood, you, me and Sohail?”

Just these, the other person says.

“We will do it tomorrow,” the person believed to be Imran replies.

In turn, the voice, supposedly belonging to Azam, is heard explaining that following this plan, “things will become a part of the record.

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