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Sunday, October 16, 2022

VIDEO: Climate activist group and “Just Stop Oil” protesters spray Aston Martin luxury car dealership with orange paint in UK

Climate activist group “Just Stop Oil” sprays Aston Martin luxury car dealership with paint in UK. (Read More Here).

They want the Government and public to stop use fossil fuels and switch to clean energy. Stop Oil protesters in London have sprayed an Aston Martin showroom with paint in retaliation to the Home Secretary calling them "thugs and vandals".

The protesters, now on their 16th day of disruption, descended on the famous London highway just after 11am with 14 of them blocking it with barriers after gluing themselves to the tarmac.

Moments later a supporter sprayed orange paint over the Aston Martin car showroom in an apparent spontaneous act of vandalism.

Among them were a pregnant mother and a musician who all vowed to continue with their deeply divisive campaign.

Chloe Thomas, 19, from Cannock said: 'I'm 15 weeks pregnant this week. Today, we're out here on the road together, demanding no new oil. How do I explain to my daughter in the years to come where the animals went, where the culture went, where the beauty went, why there are no bees and why I can't put food in her tummy?

'You know it's bad, don't you? As citizens, as humans, as parents and children we have a responsibility and a right under British law to protect ourselves and those we love. '

David Kearns, 45, a musician from Birmingham added: 'I can not stand by and allow this government to continue destroying everything we love for the sake of nothing but profit.

'The climate crisis is a product of greed, just as the cost of living crisis is a product of greed and I will not comply with a system that puts profits before the people and the planet. '

It came just hours after Suella Braverman slammed the activists as 'thugs' and told the Metropolitan Police and told them to 'do a better job'. 

Meanwhile, protest group Extinction Rebellion marched through Hyde Park on Sunday. Prime Minister Liz Truss has said the group is part of an 'anti-growth coalition' with trade unions and the main opposition Labour party determined to derail her economic reforms.

She lambasted protesters for their 'imagined right to bully' the rest of the public, adding: 'Who do they think they are?'

It followed a 15th successive day of protests by Just Stop Oil, who blocked roads in central London again today, and more protests by vegan activists Animal Rebellion which included pouring milk on the floor and meat counters in luxury shops such as Fortnum and Mason.

Ms Braverman, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Nadhim Zahawi met this morning to apply for a new injunction against Just Stop Oil causing disruption on London's roads, Sky News understands.

Transport for London already has an order against Insulate Britain, which engages in similar activities, but a separate one needs to be taken out for Just Stop Oil.

Under the home secretary's plans a new criminal offence would be created for disrupting the functioning of key infrastructure such as airports, railways and oil refineries.

On Sunday the protester spraying paint was heard saying: "We will not be stopped by injunctions that are intended to silence protest. We are a non-violent civil disobedience movement.

"We know that the injunctions against us are irrelevant in comparison to mass starvation, with the genocidal policies our government is pushing for, with the 100 fossil fuel licences in the North Sea."

And protesters from another group, Animal Rebellion, poured milk on to shop floors, displays and products across the country, including Harrods, on Saturday, calling for a plant-based future and highlighting the need to support farmers in transitioning to such a food system.

Footage shows two protesters pouring milk in a Waitrose store in Edinburgh, while another group was filmed emptying milk bottles on to the floor and across a table laden with cheeses in Fortnum and Mason in London's Piccadilly.

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