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Monday, October 24, 2022

VIDEO: Woman and keeper gets rescued from being eaten by a snake in viral clip

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that a yet-to-be identified Lady and keeper has been rescued from being eaten by a snake in viral clip. 

In the trending video, the keeper of the snake opened the glass where the snake is being kept, when the snake took out its head and wrapped the right hand of the woman. 

She was later rescued by a fellow veterinary doctor and keeper, who used sharp object to harm the teeth or mouth region of the snake. 

Wa Tiba, 54, went missing last Thursday while checking on her vegetable garden on Muna island in Sulawesi province. A huge search was mounted by local people.

Her sandals and machete were found a day later - a giant python with a bloated belly was lying about 30m away.

"Residents were suspicious the snake swallowed the victim, so they killed it, then carried it out of the garden," local police chief Hamka told news outlet AFP.

"The snake's belly was cut open and the body of the victim was found inside."

Gruesome footage has been circulating on social media in Indonesia showing the woman's body being recovered intact in front of a large crowd.

How do pythons attack?
The python in Sulawesi is believed to have been a reticulated python.

They can reach lengths of more than 10m (32ft) and are very powerful. They attack in an ambush, wrapping themselves around their prey and crushing it - squeezing tighter as the victim exhales.

They kill by suffocation or cardiac arrest within minutes.

Pythons swallow their food whole. Their jaws are connected by very flexible ligaments so they can stretch around large prey.

When it comes to eating humans, "the restricting factor is human shoulder blades because they are not collapsible," Mary-Ruth Low, conservation & research officer for Wildlife Reserves Singapore and a reticulated python expert, told the BBC in an earlier interview.

Reactions below:

French: Yes' I remember that story. The SNAKE Stopped Eating. The Owner thought something was Wrong with the Snake. Only to learn She was going to be the Next MEAL.

Johnson: Obviously a lot of y'all didn't see that video from a few yrs ago from Indonesia where the cut open a snake and found the body of woman inside that had gone missing for a few days.

Cynthia: This is the dumbest urban legend ever. Animals don’t « measure food », especially for years😂they know what will fit and what won’t. It’s called instinct.

Matthew: this exact same lie has been told by many for years on end. To think someone just made this up one day and it’s spread to so many attention seekers 🤣 measuring up!

Thanks: A friend of my daughter had a huge snake for years. It slept with her. She took it to vets as it started stretching out instead of sleeping in a curl. Vet said even after all these years it was measuring up to swallow her. 

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