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Friday, November 18, 2022

Black Twitter getting ready for homecoming as rumours of Twitter coming to an end goes viral

Is Twitter coming to an end? That’s a question that many users have following all the chaos that’s been happening since Elon Musk’s takeover.

As we previously reported, Twitter offices shut down and hundreds of employees reportedly left following an ultimatum from Elon Musk on Wednesday. According to the Verge, the new CEO allegedly asked Twitter employees to either commit to an “extremely hardcore” culture at the company that involves “long hours at high intensity” or leave. 

It was said that anyone who did not agree to stay on by 5 p.m. ET Thursday would reportedly receive three months of severance pay, The Washington Post reported. Hours before it came that time, hundreds of resignations rolled in, according to the New York Times. Twitter later announced in an email that it would close its offices and disable employee badge access until Monday.

The latest Twitter drama now adds to the list of problems due to the new changes made since Musk’s $44 billion takeover. As it was previously mentioned, this month, Musk slashed off half of the workforce, even top executives at the company. More chaos erupted after he implemented an $8 verification process for all users, causing massive confusion for others identifying authentic accounts for news outlets and public figures. As the work mess continues to spill online, Twitter users are bracing for impact and preparing to say goodbye. Now, you all know Black Twitter takes nothing seriously. See how they’ve been pre-planning the homegoing service for the app... if it ever goes down:

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