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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

LEAKED CYCLE VIDEO: YouTuber, Derek Fitness of MorePlatesMoreDates, exposed Liver King was on steroids $12k worth of pharmaceutical HGH per month leaked email

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that YouTuber, Derek Fitness of MorePlatesMoreDates, exposed Liver King was on steroids $12k worth of pharmaceutical HGH per month leaked email. (Read More Here).

Unfortunately, guys, the man I first wrote about a year ago is unfortunately under scrutiny for leaked emails giving a tell-all of his steroid stack.

According to the expert on the internet on steroids and whether they are natural or not, Derek From MorePlatesMoreDates has found significant evidence that Liverking is on steroids. Derek has always claimed that Liverking was on steroids, but after these recent findings, it is almost definitive proof. Derek put together a Netflix-worthy documentary on the whole scenario that is definitely worth the 1-hour watch if you have the time. For those of you without the time, Derek basically explains that Liverking has been denying using any sort of steroids or performance-enhancing drugs. He even denied taking the drugs on Pardon My Take, where he said he doesn't use PEDs but rather Prioritizes, Executes, and Dominates. This guy was taking $132k of HGH a year!! That's ridiculous! That's enough HGH to make PFT tall! The ridiculous thing is he was taking three different HGH boosters, and they still weren't raising the levels of IGF (What HGH makes your liver excrete) raised at all. This guy was on so many steroids it's not even funny. This guy wasn't on like a little HGH or TRT; this guy was taking enough steroids to kill you at 45. I am super surprised this guy would lie so blatantly about the whole situation while, meanwhile, he's on enough juice to Chris Benoit. I don’t know how this is going to affect Liverking's Legacy. He hasn't yet responded to the allegations, and it seems pretty sound due to Derek's cross-referencing with emails he received from Liverking describing the same problems. Hopefully, we will get an update on the situation. I wouldn't be surprised if LiverKing started suing everyone.

If you’re really into fitness, then there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of the Instagram sensation Liver King.

Liver King, whose real name is Brian Johnson, is a social media fitness influencer who is absolutely shredded, and is known for his nine ancestral ways of life that he lives by.

Nevertheless, Liver King has always sworn that his body is 100% natural, and has never taken steroids before.

However, Derek from the YouTube channel More Pilates More Dates has said otherwise, noting that Liver King has been using a number of illegal substances to transform his body.

He made the allegations in a one hour long video titled “The Liver King Lies,” sharing the alleged steroid cycle that Liver King has been following, which has been leaked via private email. And this is no small quantity of substances.

The list of substances include IGF, CJC, Omnitrope, Decca, Winstrol, and Test cyp… we’re talking more than $10,000 a month on the juice.

Back in May of last year, Derek claims that Liver King reached out to a body building coach, and in the emails, shared the substances he was taking, asking that the info remain confidential.

And let’s be honest, it would probably more shocking of we found out that he was all natural than finding out he’s juicing, but c’mon… this guy is making a TON of money (allegedly $100 million a year) pushing products and supplements, all under the guise that his natural lifestyle is the secret to insane muscle mass.

If you’ve been following Liver King’s nine ancestral ways of life and haven’t been seeing any results, you might wanna rethink what you’re doing.

Of course, there is no further proof at this time besides the alleged emails, and whether these emails are factual or not remains to be seen, but it doesn’t look good for Liver King.

Over the past few months, Kid Rock made a ton of headlines with the release of his new album Bad Reputation, as well as the anti-snowflake, anti-cancel culture anthem, “Don’t Tell Me How To Live.”

But if you wanted to know how Kid Rock actually lives, just listen to the party pad he has out in Nashville.

On a recent episode of the The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe was chatting with fellow comedian and Nashville resident Theo Von. If you’re not familiar with Theo, he’s absolutely hysterical and he’s got a great special on Netflix right now.

On Tuesday, Derek from MorePlatesMoreDates Youtube channel obtained emails allegedly sent from the Liver King to a bodybuilding coach in which the Liver King asks for advice on how to better his steroid cycle.

The thing is, his nine ancestral tenants are pretty effective; if you lived as he said, you probably would have some pretty awesome results. Just not the superhuman hormones pumping through your veins that make him so jacked. But you would probably be extremely lean and have good muscle mass. 

Liver King was on steroids 💉

Leaked emails shows that Liver King was taking almost $12k worth of pharmaceutical HGH per month, three injections per day. All while promoting his brand of holistic lifestyle, ancestral tenants, and eating raw meat on camera.

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