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Sunday, November 27, 2022

NABII? Why president William Ruto's daughter, Charlene Ruto, is nicknamed 'Quickmart Ivanka' gets revealed

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that the reason Charlene Ruto is called 'Quickmart Ivanka' has been revealed. 

Recall that Charlene Ruto revealed publicly that she loves travelling to the different parts of the country. Her statement came about her nickname. 

Ivanka is the former president's daughter, while Quickmart is known for trying to expand its outlets to different parts of the world. 

Hence, the Quickmart Ivanka. 

Charlene Chelagat Ruto's genteel upbringing can be easily sniffed out from the manner in which she graciously carries herself in the public, throwing herself into a frenzy of public engagements that range from official meetings to fraternizing with the hoi polloi and even thrusting her weight behind environmental issues, all in a day's work.
Whilst, unlike, say, America's so-called former First Daughter Ivanka Trump, Charlene is not particularly à la mode - she doesn't move around shabbily either but is also careful not to look overly polished, or too fancy, or (if possible) styled.

While most bratty scions of Presidential Palaces may choose to randomly sunbathe in Morocco, ski in Sweden or, with the right gaiters and thermal wear, ascend the Himalayas, Ruto seems at home immersing herself into local (and sometimes international) politics, pressing home affairs and the plight of girls in far-flung schools.

Her dressing is pleasantry toned-down - she'll pull up in your everyday pair of pantsuits, sometimes sporting minimal jewellery and sometimes if need be, you may pick out a diamanté brooch around her blouse.

An avid lover of the all-too-Kenyan black pumps, Ms Ruto strides across the room, radiating power, purpose and indestructible poise.

Every time she steps out of her vehicle, she's met by a fawning team of subservient handlers, who smile at her, arms stretched out, as they bomb her face with fresh nosegay and other little kitschy items.

Since her father assumed office, Kenyans have been seeing more and more of Charlene Ruto, who, in public, radiates the polished homeyness her father has made his trademark.

Charlene Ruto had visited Moi Girls' Nyabohanse in Kuria West Constituency in Migori County on Sunday, November 20, where she planted a ceremonial tree.

This is the same school her father visited when he was on a campaign trail just before the 2017 election re-run that Raila Odinga had boycotted after the nullification of August elections by the Supreme Court. 

"Be assured that his vision on climate action started a long time ago. Today, I planted mine next to his so we continue this vision for a sustainable future," the first daughter indicated. 

Charlene has been described to be a different kind of first daughter considering that the role of a first daughter has most times gone unnoticed because the last four presidents’ children did not seek out the limelight.

This is because most of her predecessors in the role have all been low-key and President Ruto's third-born daughter is here to change the perception.

The first daughter also highlighted her appreciation for the local leadership in Kuria community for hosting and welcoming her while singling out Zac Mosabi, a youthful local leader whom she described as her friend. 

"We had a keen discussion on mitigation of the agricultural and social challenges affecting the people of Kuria," Ruto indicated.  

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