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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Timbaland says at the pinnacle of his career he was getting $500,000 Per Beat

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Timbaland says at the pinnacle of his career he was getting $500,000 Per Beat.

Legendary producer Timbaland is coming in with a lesson about self-worth for aspiring creatives.

The Virginia native opened up about the current climate of producers in the industry, noting that he believes young creatives aren’t placing enough value on their artistry, thus their pay is reflecting it.

“I used to get like $300[k], $500[k],” said the 50-year-old producer during an appearance on ProducerGrind. “Producing ain’t always just making music. It’s about producing a great atmosphere.”

Furthermore, he also revealed how the industry has shifted.


“The producer was respected way more,” he continued. “You needed a dope producer as an artist. You needed that, and now you got YouTube…it’s just not the same.”

He added, “It’s just like Wild Wild West out there.”

His Love For Music
During the conversation, he even opened up about his love for the craft, honing in on why he got started in the first place.

“I take music seriously,” said Timbaland on ProducerGrind.

And, although he made a good chunk of change from the music, the money seems to just be a plus.

“The music I’ve just loved it. It made me feel rich,” he said. “So, I gotta be consistent because I feel like I was making a million dollars every day when I wasn’t — because the music made me feel like a million bucks.”

At the 47-minute mark, the Virginia native said that he’s personally been hard at work on his Beatclub platform, which promotes up-and-coming producers, and added he’s been working with young creatives to make sure they charge the right amount for their work.

“It’s really like a high-end concierge service. Telling producers how to charge, don’t charge, you would not be making no money,” he explained. “We show you how to get to the money.”

However, it doesn’t seem everyone agrees with Timbaland’s comments. In June, Bobby Shmurda voiced his frustrations about the “crazy” high price producers were charging him and in turn caught some flack from Cardo and Boi-1da, who echoed Timbo’s sentiment that high price equals high quality.

“These producers is giving me the hardest time right now,” Shmurda complained in an Instagram video. “I’m trying to drop my project but these n-ggas is asking me for clearances and these fucking producers is asking for some crazy shit. I don’t know what rumors is going around that they think Bobby is just dropping bags.

“I ain’t giving n-ggas no fucking $10,000, $8,000 for no fucking producer song, bitch. Who the fuck told you n-ggas to fucking make songs with 10 muthafuckas on the song, bitch?! Don’t play me, bro.”

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