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Thursday, November 24, 2022

VIDEO: Bluey, Fraggle Rock and Baby Shark seen displaying during 96th Macy's Thanksgiving day parade

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Bluey, Fraggle Rock and Baby Shark seen displaying during 96th Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.

Going viral can be fun but can also come with a host of potential ickiness, so while everyone was sharing the corn kid video, some people were concerned about what internet fame might do to him. No one wants this kid to change in any way that isn't part of his normal childhood development or to be exploited by the capitalistic machine. He's the epitome of "protect at all costs."

At the same time, if people are making money off of your virality, you should get a slice of the pie at least. Let's get this kid a corn-fed college fund, right?

"Recess Therapy" creator Julian Shapiro-Barnum told The Atlantic in September that Tariq's family had been getting a share of the profits from the musical remix of the video and that all media and brand opportunities were being funneled to Tariq's mom. His last name has not been widely publicized and both Shapiro-Barnum and the family have been protective of his privacy and his childhood. So far, so good.

Tariq's lovability is undeniable, though. One would hope there could be a balance struck between letting him be his delightful self on camera and making sure he isn't being harmed by viral fame. So far, it appears all is well.

SHE SANG IT at the Tony’s. She belted it from the Broadway stage. She performed it in Times Square like a month ago. So of course Lea Michele would take to the streets of New York City to open a literal parade with what is apparently her favorite song.

Seen rehearsing last night, Michele — who landed the role of Fanny Brice earlier this year, to the delight of theater kids everywhere — updated the lyrics a little to include a reference announcing herself to Mr. Macy’s. (Even though, as Vulture pointed out, no one has ever been — nor will ever be — named Mr. Macy’s.)

Funny Girl wasn’t the only Broadway show to grace the green carpet outside the Macy’s flagship store — cast members of The Lion King followed Michele’s performance with “The Circle of Life,” as did those from the new musical Some Like It Hot — a fresh take on a somewhat outdated Marilyn Monroe movie — who rolled out the titular song in full flapper glory.

It’s been a journey for Michele to land this role on Broadway. Producers reportedly wanted Lady Gaga for the part, but when that didn’t work out (“they were never gonna give her enough money to star in this production,” one insider previously told Rolling Stone) the show went with Booksmart star Beanie Feldstein. After some brutal reviews, Michele was recast in the lead role, apparently landing her dream job — even if she may not be able to read all the takes about her. (Read More Here).

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