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Monday, November 28, 2022

VIDEO FOOTAGE: Korean streamer suddenly dies while live streaming at a restaurant

Korean streamer suddenly dies while
live streaming at a restaurant.

His death has made many people pay interest in Died Suddenly documentary. A film entitled “Died Suddenly” premiered Monday on Twitter and, spoiler alert, it wasn’t a rom-com. But that doesn’t mean that the film didn’t have a whole lot of fiction, even though a website bearing the movie trailer claimed that the film will “present the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.” This website also asserted that “the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world.” And take a wild guess as to what this film claimed that these elite have been using to do their genociding and depopulating the world thing. Nickelback music? Low rise jeans? No, Covid-19 vaccines.

Before the change in leadership, Twitter was working to remove some accounts that spread anti-vaccine disinformation.Users have already tested the new system by impersonating leading brands, like the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, leading to sharp dips in the company’s stock price and a call to re-evaluate insulin prices.

The change in Twitter rules also means pay-to-play verified accounts may reach wider audiences – and, with large cuts on moderation, the accounts could continue spreading misleading and harmful information.

Other anti-vax advocates were already legitimized by social media platforms. Robert F Kennedy Jr, one of the leading anti-vaccine propagandists, already had a verified account on Twitter before the new verification system, and international and regional chapters of his anti-vaccine group, Children’s Health Defense, are still active on Facebook.

Facebook groups that are shut down for vaccine misinformation quickly return, and users dodge bans simply by changing the words they use.

Facebook group admins, like Tiago Henrique Fernandes, reconstitute banned groups by using slightly different names, like DSN Official instead of Died Suddenly News, while keeping the same focus on anti-science messages.

Fernandes coaches members not to write certain words that will be picked up by moderators, he explained on a recent show produced by Children’s Health Defense.

Group members often refer to the vaccines as food – “cookie”, “peaches”, “cheeseburger” – or use purposeful misspellings, especially for purported side-effects like seizures (“see jures”) or cancer (“can sir”).

One phrase that is picking up steam in the anti-vax world is “died suddenly”, which may be used in official media reports to talk about any sudden death, making it harder to moderate automatically.

A Died Suddenly Twitter account, which was verified through the paid Twitter Blue program, plans to release a documentary on Monday that promotes vaccine misinformation.

In a trailer for the film, 12 people are shown fainting or seizing, with the implication that they died from vaccines. In fact, at least four of the people shown did not die, and there were no links to the vaccines in their fainting episodes.

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