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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

VIDEO: Heidi Klum seen dancing in her giant worm costume for Halloween 2022 at Sake No Hana in New York City

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Heidi Klum seen dancing in her giant worm costume for Halloween 2022 at Sake No Hana in New York City. (Read More Here).

Spooky good things come to those who wait.

For Leni Klum, it's been impossible to ignore her mom Heidi Klum's epic Halloween costumes over the years. After all, she has earned the title of Queen of Halloween thanks to her countless head-turning looks. (Read More Here).

But on Oct. 31, Leni, 18, was finally able to attend her mom's 21st annual Halloween party for the very first time. And yes, it was everything she hoped for and more.

"I've been begging my mom for years to come here and I'm literally so excited that I can go inside," she told E! News in an exclusive interview. "I'm excited to party and to dance. I want to see her in person."

After arriving at Sake No Hana in New York City, Leni was able to channel Michelle Pfeiffer's iconic Catwoman character from 1992's Batman Returns on the red carpet. As for the moment she saw her mom dressed as a worm, it's safe to say things got a little slimy.

Anyway, the rest of the costumes were pretty sweet too ... including the one worn by the host. She was transformed from head to toe (and even beyond) as a fishing hook worm, with incredible attention to detail ... right down to the ribbing along the body.

Her husband, Tom Kaulitz, was dressed as a fisherman ... and Heidi was his oversized bait. At one point, though, she lost the worm suit and showed off her figure underneath.

Before any makeup was applied and photos were taken, Leni said she received a piece of advice from her Mom about mastering the art of Halloween.

"'Have the best day of your life' is what she told me," Leni recalled to E! News, "and I will."

Keep scrolling to seem more unforgettable Halloween costumes from Heidi, including her rendition of Shrek's Princess Fiona and her red hot Jessica Rabbit look.

No one's doing Halloween like Heidi Klum. The supermodel has become known for her elaborate costumes and this year was no different. Klum arrived at her annual Halloween party dressed as a ginormous fishing worm. The costume was so realistic that Klum is truly unrecognizable amidst all of the ridges and slime. Pulling off that worm costume was no easy feat. In an interview with People, she revealed that it took her and a team of artists more than 10 hours to complete.

“I tried to think outside of the box and come up with other things and last year I was thinking, oh, a tree would be really cool, or like, a plant, and then I kind of went from plant to rainworm," she said on the red carpet on Halloween night (October 31st).

Klum was joined on the red carpet by her husband Tom Kaulitz who was dressed up as a bloody fisherman with Klum attached to his fishing line.

When asked about her costume planning process, Klum revealed that she starts preparing a year in advance for her Halloween party. "Tomorrow. When I wake up tomorrow, I start thinking of the next [costume].”

Heidi Klum's annual party brought out all the big celebs, but none were more in the spotlight than Elon Musk ... who had everyone seeing red.

The new Twitter chief showed up Monday night to the Moxy Hotel in NYC, where Klum was hosting her 21st annual gala of getups. He was dressed as some sort of warrior with pretty intricate crimson armor.

His mom was there too ... Maye Musk showed up at one point near Elon, dressed in goth-themed garb. A lot of eyes were on them, without a doubt -- the Twitter buy-out is top of mind these days, and EM's stunts have thrust him to the front of many conversations.

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