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Monday, November 14, 2022

VIDEO: Kenyan comedian, Eric Omondi, drops comedy skit on how General Muhoozi will capture Kenya

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Kenyan comedian, Eric Omondi, drops comedy skit on how General Muhoozi will capture Kenya.

The troops later get into attack formation to launch their strike on the city but are distracted by a woman who passes in front of them in a short, body contouring black dress and high heels. The troops immediately chase after her and follow her to a club where they party, mission postponed as ‘General Muhoozi’ asks his father to send him some money.

The video elicited mixed reactions as fans told Eric that he will probably be intercepted at Entebbe Airport when he next visits Uganda. His video also attracted the attention of Tanzanian celebrities including Ben Pol and AY.

“Is Muhoozi on Instagram? Weh, hilarious,” added Chris Kirwa.

In October 2022, General Muhoozi caused an uproar on social media after he claimed it would take him and his troops two weeks to capture Nairobi. His sentiments almost triggered a diplomatic row between the two countries especially after he added that he would make Kenya one of Uganda’s districts and take his wife on a tour of their new acquisition.

He also wondered where he would live with his family once he captured Nairobi and tallied off a number of upmarket city estates he had in mind.

Following the backlash General Muhoozi attempted to apologize but Kenyans would have none of it. Eventually, he said he had been tweeting for fun and never meant what he said. President Museveni also said he had warned his son to stay off of Twitter.

General Muhoozi later apologized to Kenyans and President William Ruto for his upsetting comments on social media.

A social media post by Eric Omondi has left fans worried after the comedian suggested that his close friend and TV host Chipukeezy could be missing.

According to Erico, he last spoke to Chipukeezy nine days ago when he was in Zanzibar and efforts to reach the NACADA board member have been futile as his phone is switched off.

Erico further stated that despite reaching out to Chipukeezy on different platforms, he has been unable to get a hold of him.

“Hey guys I am looking for this guy, I am officially worried...The last time I spoke to him was 9 days ago, he was in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

“Since then his phone has been off, I have unsuccessfully tried reaching him on all platforms. If you know of his whereabouts or if you have been in contact with him.

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