Virginia woman, Cassandra Drummond, scammed out of $170,000 by a fake “doctor” she met on online dating website KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Virginia woman, Cassandra Drummond, scammed out of $170,000 by a fake “doctor” she met on online dating website

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Cassandra Drummond, from Springfield, Va., thought Andrew Logan was her perfect match. They met on an online dating site in July 2021.

Drummond said she did her homework but it wasn’t enough. points added security software can also help.

“When sites pop up for a matter of seconds or minutes or even a day, very often those sites are immediately listed and software can actually block access to those sites,” said Ostrowski.

When it was time for "Doctor Logan" to return to Michigan, he disappeared.

WJLA has reached out to Elegant Freight and Courier and Logan. So far, no response.

“There are some people in this world you can trust and like the one, I ran into online you can’t, and I just made a big mistake,” said Drummond.

Logan asked Drummond to pay for a package containing personal items and cash to be shipped to her house and he would pay her back when he got home. Logan used Elegant Freight and Courier LTD to ship it.

“I exhausted all of my funds for a package I thought existed but come to find out there is no package,” said Drummond.

For months, Drummond kept handing over money believing excuses from the shipper. She also sent thousands to a bank account in Charlotte, North Carolina, and more than $52,000 to someone in Miami, Florida.

Elegant Freight and Courier told Drummond the 40-kilogram package was safe and secure but repeatedly said it was delayed including it was returned to Yemen, it was on hold or out for delivery.

Over two months, the shipper said the package was in Yemen, Sudan, Portugal and Mexico.

Cyber security experts at said scammers pretending to be an established brand is a huge issue.

Elegant Freight and Courier's website looks legit, but its phone contact leads nowhere.

Drummond said the online live chat does work and she complained about expensive fees and no package.

“How much money are you out?” asked 7News Investigator Scott Taylor.

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