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Sunday, December 4, 2022

BUMBUM PHOTO: Nicolas Prattes diz que a edição cortou seus nus frontais em ‘Todas as flores’: ‘Zero vergonha’

Nicolas Prattes diz que a edição cortou seus nus frontais em ‘Todas as flores’: ‘Zero vergonha’.

Nicolas Prattes revelou que suas cenas explícitas em #TodasAsFlores    foram cortadas na edição

"Zero vergonha. Já apareceu muito mais, é que a edição corta. Todas as cenas têm um porquê. Não é nudez por nudez, de graça".

Nicolas Prattes dedicated his precious lunch break to this interview for Canal. Excited by the success of Diego, one of the most acclaimed characters in “Todas as flores”, the actor divides himself between his personal life, physical activities, many hours of recording and promotion of other works (such as the film “Pronto, I spoke”, which opens next Thursday in theaters). All this without taking your mind off the work of João Emanuel Carneiro. So much so that the flowers in the title of the novel even ended up on Nicolas's clothes in the rehearsal for this report. The return of so much dedication arrives for the 25-year-old, who started on TV when he was only 3 in “Terra nostra”.

In the plot, original for Globoplay, it seems that nothing is so bad in Diego's life that it can't get worse. And, despite having been intensely prepared to experience episodes such as eviction, theft, an unfair arrest and more dense situations in fiction, Nicolas's own message box works as a laboratory for the work and reinforces something that the actor himself usually punctuates. :

— I see a lot of people say: “This happens every day”, “I've been through this”, about eviction, for example. I've received a lot of messages like this, from people who identified themselves. And I always answer because it's a very intimate thing for the person, right?

The actor confesses that he has never lived through the extreme situations that Diego goes through, but that is exactly what enchanted him in the role.

— The further away, the better, because the challenge becomes greater — he explains, pointing out that, however, there is a strong feature in the history of both that unites them: — The family base. Just like him, I also do everything I can for my family. We approach in this lovingness, in respect for those who created us.

After taking so many blows in life, having himself and his family wronged, what Diego seeks is revenge. Its interpreter, however, prefers to see things more as learning than suffering, no matter how difficult the situation.

— Because Diego was raised with so much love and honesty, it makes him naive to the real world. I believe that we do have to be disappointed with some people to understand a little more of the defense mechanisms we need in life, even for the sake of mental health and survival - says Nicolas, who, by putting himself in his place of the character, he says: — If someone did that to my family, I certainly wouldn't forget either.

To carry out the revenge that consumes him, Diego goes along with Samsa (Ângelo Antônio) and embraces the idea of ​​seducing the women in the life of his tormentor, Luis Felipe (Cássio Gabus Mendes). In addition to kissing Joy (Yara Charry), the rich man's daughter, in prison, the boy also gets involved and even has sex several times with Lila (Naruna Costa), the young woman's mother and the wife of the heir to Rhodes. Behind the camera, the hottest scenes don't intimidate Nicolas.

— It's peaceful, almost a dance, a choreography. And in the end it looks beautiful. Of course, you need to have a conversation with both the directors and the crew and cast. Carlos Araújo, our director, held some meetings for us to feel safe, he also opened up for suggestions about the scene, something we wanted to improvise... So that we could talk beforehand and keep everything and everyone on the same line. After so many conversations, when he arrived to record, we were already calm - reports.

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