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Saturday, December 3, 2022

CAUSE OF DEATH: Jonathan Graziano loses his 13-year-old dog, Noodle the Pug 'No Bones Day'

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Jonathan loses his 13-year-old dog, Noodle the Pug 'No Bones Day'.

Taking to social media, Jonathan, revealed that his precious dog, Noodle the Pug, has passed away. The cause of its death is sketchy at the moment of filing the report.

Jonathan and his 13-year-old pug, Noodle, rose to fame earlier this year when their TikTok videos of Jonathan checking to see whether Noodle “has bones” (aka whether he can stand up in his bed or flops back down) went mega-viral. Since then, they’ve landed on The Today Show, done countless collaborations, and become the unofficial oracle of the internet as millions of people tune in daily to find out if it's the kind of day they should spend marking off items on their to-do list or curl up under a weighted blanket and watch a Nancy Meyers movie.

Unsurprisingly, Jonathan never expected any of this to happen when he adopted Noodle six years ago. We spoke with the 31-year-old Social Media Marketer at GoDaddy about Noodle’s newfound celebrity, the utilitarian origins of "Bones" or "No Bones," and lots more, while Noodle stood watch over Jonathan in a sweater outside of their favorite New York City bar.

At the end of a long year of 4 million TikTok fans and teaching the world that it's OK to have a "No Bones" day (especially during a nearly two-year-long pandemic), Noodle the pug took the time to speak with The Spruce Pets. Alright, so it was his owner, Jonathan Granziano, who did the talking, but Noodle was there, too!


Michael: I’m so sad to hear about Noodle’s passing and so grateful to his dad Jonathan Graziano for all that he did to promote senior dog rescue. RIP Noodle, it’s all bones days in doggy heaven.

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