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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Gumroad will increase their pricing fees to 10% on January 31, 2023

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Gumroad will increase their fees to 10% on January 31, 2023.Gumroad will increase their fees to 10% on January 31, 2023.

Gumroad is raising prices to 10% plus credit card processing fees in a month. There’s no need to pay 13% to sell digital products. 

Check out ConvertKit Commerce to sell products for just 3.5%.

Comes with automation, landing pages, and more.

Most people love Gumroad.

People see the brand. And think they can’t learn anything from it. Why? The business model has no upfront costs to customers. The company earns when entrepreneurs make money.

People think they’ve nothing to take away from this selling strategy. That’s because you want your money upfront. True or false? Most new business owners love to ignore the highway to rapid sales growth. It’s a free entry product. Free organic content. Free lead magnet or free for the first three testimonials.

Gumroad focuses on the transformation of its customers.

Sabri Suby, the author of Sell Like Crazy, would call this your promise. Start with it. Forget the cliche of “I help [this person] do [this activity].” It’s your business coach’s way of helping you get clarity on your business model.

Sales pages are about the buyer. Help them get clarity. Offer visitors to your site a simple promise only you can give. Gumroad’s pledge is juicy. And guess what? Gumroad does the same. What is the layout of choice for each sales page section?

Actionable headline
One brief paragraph of 4–6 lines
One singular bullet point list
Each section addresses one expected client question. If a customer reads the section applicable to them, they have three choices:

Read more
Sign up for the brand
Walk away
Success sales pages don’t make people stay longer. It helps them decide faster.

I know this is better for you as well. What do the website heat maps I’ve studied suggest? More of your site gets attention when you use brief text and images.

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