IMITATING VIDEO: Shakira finally reacts to Honduran TikToker, Jaycolindres' 'Eres tu?' viral clip on TikTok KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Thursday, December 29, 2022

IMITATING VIDEO: Shakira finally reacts to Honduran TikToker, Jaycolindres' 'Eres tu?' viral clip on TikTok

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Shakira finally reacts to Jaycolindres' 'Eres tu?' viral clip on TikTok.

Taking to social media, Jay Colindres, shared a video of him walking towards an unknown area when an unseen man is heard calling him: 'Shakira, Shakira, Shakira.'

Jaycolindres turned back and responded to 'Eres tu?' question as he said: Yo le lo ye.

Jay Colindres, the young Guatemalan living in the United States who rose to fame for appearing in an episode of "Case Closed" playing "Esteban" and where he expressed his unforgettable phrase "stupid, my hair", withdraws from social networks. This was announced by the comedian through a statement shared in recent days on his Facebook account. 

The content creator also revealed that the decision to temporarily leave his social networks is due to the desire to want to heal and forgive himself. "I will responsibly finish my work on my social networks with the promotions that I still have to upload and then I will take a break for myself, in order to heal, forgive myself, let go and breathe," he commented.

The Guatemalan artist alarmed his followers by expressing that in the last two years his "life has been a roller coaster of emotions" and that he has not been able to achieve a balance in the personal sphere and in his work. Likewise, he reveals that in his profession as a comedian and content generator he lost himself, which is why he has come to feel "empty and broken inside." “I lost myself and in the same I failed many. I can't bring laughter to the world when inside I'm empty and broken. I have to return soon and stronger than ever. Thank you infinitely for the love. See you soon," he said.

Jay Colindres, a young actor remembered for his controversial participation in the 'Case Closed' program, announced to his followers that he tested positive for coronavirus and spent several days hospitalized. “This message is not to alarm anyone, it is to raise awareness. I tell you that the actor tested positive for the results in a video that he shared on his YouTube account. Also known as 'Esteban', he reported that "on the fourth day, since he did not present very strong symptoms" he was discharged to continue with the "quarantine from home and also give space in the hospital for people who really need medical attention.

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