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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Kim Jisoo confirms to her fans that her solo album is releasing in 2023

Kim Jisoo confirms that her solo album is releasing in 2023.

Fans are also surprised by the fact that the Snowdrop star is the first BLACKPINK member to allegedly get a tattoo done and are wondering if the members are planning friendship tattoos with each other.

Jisoo already boasts of multiple piercings already and a tattoo is definitely a star addition, according to fans. BLINKs took to social media to share their reactions to BLACKPINK's oldest member allegedly getting a tattoo.

Fans also pointed out that Jisoo didn’t have a tattoo during the group’s North American leg of the tour and might have gotten it directly. BLINKs also pointed out that the Snowdrop star truly believes in the heart symbol and in fact, her official signature also comprises of a heart.

In the second round we can see Jisoo wearing an off-shoulder red dress that she teamed with sleek hairbun, pink glossy lips and dewy eyes posing with a gorgeous beautiful red rose in hand. Sharing the pictures, Jisoo wrote, “Shooting with flowers is fun.”

Blackpink was earlier busy with their Born Pink world tour. It was a special tour for their fans all across, as the quartet group made a come back together. Blackpink is one of the popular K-pop girl bands that consists of 4 members, Jennie, Jisoo, Rose and Lisa.

Earlier speaking of the comeback of Born Pink tour, Jisoo said, “This year, above all else, I want to show a new side of myself as an artist. I hope that I can convey happy energy to others through music.” She added, “When we were performing at Coachella [in 2019], my back hurt so badly. Every night I was getting painkillers. I wanted to perform sitting down. But my pride wouldn’t allow myself to sit. And it wasn’t because ‘I love this stage so much’; stronger was my sense of responsibility and duty.” She signed off saying, “As always, I want to boldly take on new challenges without fear. Things can’t always go smoothly, but I will still do my best without regret.”

The alleged tattoo is a small and intricate design on her ribs and fans deduced it looks like a little heart. Fans are surprised that the Snowdrop star might be the first member of the group to get a tattoo.

A BLINK excitedly wrote on social media “Jisoo got a heart tattoo” sharing their excitement over the singer’s tattoo debut.

The Snowdrop star went viral on social media after it was shared by a fan that she might have gotten a tattoo. The singer had a small, dainty little heart tattoo above her ribs. Although, fans weren’t initially sure if it was a tattoo or a birthmark. However, BLACKPINK's oldest member posted a picture of herself on Instagram where her alleged tattoo can be seen more clearly.

Fans also pointed out that in September, Jisoo and Rosé had apparently visited a tattoo parlor in Los Angeles. Fans are wondering if the two BLACKPINK members have gotten matching tattoos or not.

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