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Friday, December 2, 2022

PHOTOS: Charlie Puth confirms he has a girlfriend as he shares her pictures on Instagram

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Charlie Puth confirms he has a girlfriend despite queerbaiting. (Read More Here).

In another news, One parent told The Daily Record : “The strike was in national news but all the local talk has been about Miss Buchan’s other job. The photos have been circulating like wildfire and parents have been talking via Whatsapp about it.

Miss Buchan has previously sought a career as an actor, taking on small parts and advertising herself on acting websites.

The parents said: “She is the last person you would expect to be a science teacher but she obviously is very intelligent and she had an interest in amateur dramatics. She has been telling people that she was looking to supplement her teacher wages with the sideline but she knew there was always going to be a strong risk of getting sacked.

In another news, Thousands of family, friends and fans gathered in Atlanta on Friday to say goodbye to Migos rapper TakeOff, who was killed in Houston earlier this month.

"You can see the whole of Atlanta out here for this man. This man is an icon. God bless this brother, man. RIP TakeOff," one fan said at the memorial.

Back in Houston, fans have left memorials on the street and property where he was killed outside a bowling alley.

Houston leaders and Crime Stoppers said police are still working to find those responsible.

TakeOff was shot and killed on November 1 after a private party with around 40 people. So far, no one has been arrested.

"What if it was your brother? What if it was your son?" Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said the day after the shooting. "You would want somebody to step up."

On Friday, Crime Stoppers of Houston CEO Rania Mankarious said law enforcement is still working on every tip and urged anyone who may know something to reach out anonymously.

“I keep thinking of all the places that TakeOff traveled to and all the cities he visited," she said. "It pains me that Houston was the one that, where he lost his life.”

Mayor Sylvester Turner said Houston police are making progress on the case.

“I’m pleased with the direction in which the investigation is going," he said.

Chief Finner declined to comment on the status of the investigation. Mayor Turner said that once it's wrapped up, he and the chief will sit down with members of Houston's hip-hop community to figure out the best path forward.

TMZ Hip Hop obtained this video of the showdown around 2:30 AM -- you can see and hear Quavo arguing with someone, and Takeoff is a few feet behind him. There's a discussion about playing basketball, and someone -- possibly Quavo -- says "I don't get down like that!"

Seconds later, there's a single crack of gunfire ... and when everyone starts running, a flurry of shots are firing through the crowd. You can hear more than 10 shots in total, and it sounds like they came from at least 2 different weapons.

Members of the Houston Police Department held a press conference Tuesday afternoon and revealed a 23-year-old male and a 24-year-old female were also hit, and went to a hospital for treatment. Cops say most of the witnesses to the shooting fled the scene, and they're asking them to come forward with information about what happened.

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