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Saturday, December 17, 2022

RUDE VIDEO: Indonesians drag Karen's Diner over bad manners towards customers in viral footage

VIDEO HERE. Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Indonesians drag Karen's Diner over bad manners towards customers in viral footage.

At Karen's Diner bad manners are on the menu and smart-mouth waiters turn the tables on customers.

Their first store opened last year in Sydney to wide success and their staff went viral online, for their unpleasant and cheeky service.

But now the Aussie restaurant chain is taking over the world. A Karen, by definition, is a woman who is perceived as entitled, obnoxious, and demanding in a public setting.

We've seen many examples of Karens over the past couple of years, but this restaurant is grabbing them by the horns and opening dozens of restaurants in the name of Karen.

A Current Affair paid a visit to the newly opened Karen's Diner in Melbourne and as expected, received quite the rude welcome.

For reporter Sam Cucchiara, waitress Kali was one of the tougher interviewes in his career.

Cucchiara put some questions to Kali, which included asking if she had always had a potty mouth. "Yes. Next question," she quipped.

Kali said they often have people coming into the diner who have no idea what Karen's Diner is, but she said she quickly puts them in their place.

"I tell them to do their f------ homework," she said.

"As for parents with young kids, "They f------ love it."

While the service may be terrible, the food isn't half bad.

Diners told A Current Affair they were quite impressed with the quality of the food. The infamous Karen’s Diner is coming to Leeds for a New Year’s Eve event.

If you are easily offended this might not be the party for you though as the team at the diner delivers your burger with a side of sass. Karen’s has made headlines in Sheffield, Manchester and locations across the globe.

You’ll have the chance to be offended by them as you chow down on your fried chicken when the Karen’s Diner takeover pitches at Cargo - based in Leeds city centre attraction The Light.

There will be sittings running throughout the day on Saturday, December 31. A spokesperson said: “Believe it or not, Karens on tour is fit for the whole family. So go ahead, bring your son who's glued to his iPad screen, bring Grandad Gerlad who's a bit too past his sell by date, you can even bring your local postman for all we care.

Reactions below
Michael: Abis kepoin IG-nya Karen’s Diner Jakarta. Ah, harusnya caption-nya juga judes. Bales komen juga judes. Like, foto ini caption-nya bisa: “Burger udah enak dan segede gini kalo ampe lu pesen trus nggak abis, tolol.”
Bales komen itu juga bisa: Waalaikumsalam, pengangguran.

Cynthia: I would cry in Karen's Diner.
Kalo hantu, sini maju tapi kalo dibilang mukaku kaya pantat panci kayanya aku terbaring malam itu kaya "kenapa ya dia begitu.. emang aku salah apa ya.."

Patrick: Buat orang Indonesia yang kesehariannya masih sarat sopan santun, Karen’s Diner di Jakarta akan fail sih.

Walau makanannya enak, menjaga orang biar tetep nafsu makan sambil dimarahin itu sepertinya butuh strategi yg lebih matang, biar kesannya gak sekedar “nyontek” aja.

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