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Friday, December 2, 2022

SLAMMING VIDEO FOOTAGE: Qantas flight luggage and bags handlers recklessly slam bags onto carousel in Melbourne, Australia

A video has emerged on social media of Qantas baggage handlers recklessly slamming luggage onto the carousel at Melbourne Airport.

The two men, who appear not to know they are being filmed, are seen throwing bags hard onto the conveyer belt behind the baggage claim area.
At one point the man lifts a bag well above his head and hurls it to the conveyor belt.

One passenger told Today it was "really disrespectful".
"People are not aware of what is in those bags, it can be important to them and you expect not to get that when you fly with Qantas," the airport traveller said.

Qantas has condemned the behaviour saying it is "unacceptable".
"The contracted ground handler was conducting an urgent investigation," the airline said in a statement.
It's not known if the workers in the video will keep their jobs.

Appalling footage has emerged of Qantas baggage handlers carelessly slamming passengers' luggage down onto a conveyor belt.

The male workers were seen laughing as they pulled customers' bags and suitcases out of a Qantas-branded storage container, believed to be at Melbourne Airport, before tossing them away

A Qantas spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia they had commenced an investigation into the footage, which was shared to TikTok on Friday.

'The behaviour in this video is clearly not acceptable, and our contracted ground handler is conducting an urgent investigation,' they said.

Qantas contracts Swissport for its ground handling services at the Victorian airport.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Swissport for comment.

The video has racked up more than 590,000 views, with many horrified at the lack of care for travellers' luggage.

One TikTokker asked 'is this like a competition who can destroy luggage the fastest?', while another declared the workers 'should be terminated on the spot'.

'You've got to be kidding me! Bet they would kick a stink if someone treated their stuff this way,' another said. 

'It would actually take more effort to lift it and throw it with force, rather than just put in on the conveyor. If they don't like it, find another job,' one wrote. 

'When are they going to get fired?' commented another.

'So wrong on so many levels, these men need to be held accountable.' 'In Australia and New Zealand, Swissport (formerly Aerocare) operates at 32 airports, partnering with all major domestic airlines and many international carriers in the region,' the company's website says. 

The company boasts that it is 'is arguably the safest baggage handler in Australia' and that its team members work 'together to ensure our clients' expectations are achieved or exceeded'.

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