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Thursday, December 1, 2022

The woman who created the viral sound “It’s a chicken salad” saysGoogle offered her $500 to buy her sound

The woman who created the viral sound “It’s a chicken salad” saysGoogle offered her $500 to buy her sound. 

She declined that lowball offer & partnered with Weight Watchers securing... 

In another news, A candidate for Chair of the Community Empowerment Institute (LPM) for Bedahan Sub-District, Sawangan, Depok City, Tatang Johari went viral because he asked to return envelopes that had been distributed because he failed to get elected.

Tatang kept his promise through a video and then went viral on social media.

In the video uploaded by the @mazzini account on Thursday (1/12/2022), Tatang Johari asked for firmness for RWs to hand over the envelopes they had been given.

"Mr. Faizal has returned my envelope, well, the point is I ask for firmness today. I don't like hypocrites. For other RWs, please hand over the envelope, otherwise I will paranin the houses one by one. Don't make fun of this bangor," explained Tatang Johari.

Tatang Johari also visited the house of an RW in Depok to collect money.

"This is me at Mr. RW 06's house, he is not at home. I am Paranin, the only person who is a hypocrite!" Tatang explained.

"I was invited by the Head of the Depok Police to ask for an explanation," Tatang told reporters in Sawangan, Depok, Thursday (30/11/2022).

However, Tatang did not know when he would go to the Depok Police. Tatang said that he had only been contacted by phone, not in the form of an invitation letter.

"The money returned was not from his hands, from a representative. There is no good intention, how is that a public figure, how are the ethics. The many winds of heaven are extraordinary," continued Tatang.

Tatang Jauhari admitted that he used money to get his constituents to vote for him. Because, according to him, other candidates also use money.

"Because everything uses money, not just me. Yes, I do it," he added.

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