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Friday, December 2, 2022

VIDEO FOOTAGE: Guns N' Roses fan and woman, Rebecca Howe, hit by microphone thrown by Axl Rose at concert

An Australian woman was injured during a Guns N' Roses concert in Adelaide after being hit in the face with a microphone.

And now footage of the shocking moment Rebecca Howe was struck by lead singer Axl Rose's microphone has emerged.

In the video, which was obtained by The Advertiser, rock star Axl, 60, throws the microphone into the crowd and then triumphantly throws his arms up in the air.

The woman was hit in the face with his microphone after he threw it into the crowd at the end of the band's last song. 

Ms Howe told the Adelaide Advertiser the mic hit her on the bridge of the nose, leaving her bloodied and hyperventilating.

Pictured after the event, Ms Howe can been seen with severe bruising on her face, under both eyes and on her nose.

She told the publication she was hit when Axl, real name William Bruce Rose Jr, threw his microphone out into crowd after finishing the song, Take Me Down To Paradise City.

After being struck, Ms Howe said an off-duty policeman pulled her aside, took care of her and attempted to stop the bleeding from her nose.

'There was this huge kerfuffle as this man tried to get the microphone … he held it up like a victory, 'I got it, I got it', while I was trying to keep my composure,' she said.

'I was in shock and hyperventilating,' Ms Howe claimed. 'My mind went, ''Oh, my God, my face is caved in''.'

'I had blood dripping down the front of me.' 

She said she worried about other concertgoers being injured as Guns N' Roses continue their tour in Melbourne on December 3.

'What if [the microphone] was a couple of inches to the right or left?,' she said.

'I could have lost an eye...if my head was turned and it hit me in the temple, it could have killed me.'

This is not the first time a fan in Australia has been injured during a Guns N' Roses show.

Darren Wright from Perth was hit in the mouth, causing damage to two of his front teeth during the band's 2013 tour.

He later used the courts to demand compensation to recover the cost of $5,000 in dental fees.

Rebecca Howe was left with two black eyes and a bust up nose after the incident which occurred at Adelaide Oval on Tuesday night, the Adelaide Advertiser reports.

Rose threw his microphone into the audience after the band’s last song, Take Me Down To Paradise City, however it made impact with Ms Howe, and caused her nose to bleed.

“What if it was a couple of inches to the right or left? I could have lost an eye … what if it hit me in the mouth and I broke my teeth?” she said.

“If my head was turned and it hit me in the temple, it could have killed me.” have reached out to a tour spokesperson for the Guns N’ Roses for comment.

Earlier this week, Rose slammed an Australian fan at the Gold Coast concert for attempting to film drone footage flying a drone in front of the stage.

“To the anonymous Mr Drone flyer, you’re a f***ing c**t,” he said on stage.

He later shared an extended statement on Twitter.

“Had a few drones in this leg. Last night (Gold Coast Australia) was probably the most intrusive,” the statement read.

“Was a bit of a distraction as obviously someone thought it was just OK to be doing that but also it coming that close in front of the stage and then actually over n’ on the stage.

“According to the police it happens more often than not lately especially with sporting events.”

Rose also asked people to refrain from bringing drones to future concerts.

“We get it can b (sic) ‘fun’ to get ur drone bootleg vid but we’d appreciate it if anyone planning to be a drone pirate took the fans n’ the band into consideration n’ played w/ur toys somewhere else,” he wrote.

While the band’s current Australia and New Zealand tour concludes on December 10, Guns N’ Roses has been announced as the headliner for Adelaide’s BST Hyde Park concert.

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