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Saturday, December 3, 2022

VIDEO: Gistlover calls out actress, Metomi Temilade Otbolt, on Instagram over scam scandal

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Gistlover calls out actress, Metomi Temilade Otbolt, on Instagram over scam scandal. 

Gistlover wrote: "Hello tueh tueh, GLB NATION e Don happen oooo make everybody come out ooo, this is one of the reasons why I don't take adverts from all these travel visa agents, All of them are scammers disguising under visa agent Business.The case between these two women is a very critical one which involves 500 MILLION NAIRA. Read below to see how the whole palava started

Metomi Temilade is an upcoming Actress in the Nollywood industry,she is one of us at this headquarters infact when I started this blog years back she was one of my very good supporters, if you all can remember I use to give her free shout-out then just like I do to some of my team members although she wasn't part of my team members then but a big fan of GLB, fast forward to some years after I saw that her ways was not pure, a lady reported her to me about being scammed by this ev1l metomi wey call herself otbolt abi na bolt ride, I went to her dm straight and told her I don't do favoritism here, even if any of my immediate family members mess up I go drag them like I pass my neighbor generator, no time, after I threatened her she Sha sorted the lady and paid the debt, then she was trying to come close again and I cut her off completely because once a scammer always a scammer, not long after , she came to my dm again say she don see man wey she wan marry, fiam they Sha do wuru wuru to the answer and got married even use money invite all prominent people including Toyin Abraham, she reached out to me in the Dm again to please wish her happy married life say at least we are not fighting again and she don refund person money, I even posted late that day , I wished her but the energy dropped, I just wished ni, I wasn't happy with her, not long after she reached out again that the marriage wey them do call the whole of Lagos state say the man dey panel b##eat am, say the man na scam, say the man brought side chic come Thier marital home for wedding night , she wanted me to drag the man so bad but wetin concern me, 419 jam 419 ni, I didn't interfere at all, let her carry her cross, apparently the man lied to her say him na politician and loaded 不不不naso she put head until she see say man no get kobo fo. 

"Naso she put head not knowing say Kobo no dey the guy account, long story short Sha,few weeks after their wedding, wedding vendor begin drag her for cloth, apparently na she single handedly want sponsor all the wedding oriburuku wey she do, the scam husband didn't drop Kobo, naso this wanna be girl go lie to wedding vendors say she go pay them after a week say her bank get issue so she can't pay, one month after wedding the wedding vendors are still begging for their money, them Sha drag the case with her then and called her out,small time she jump enter my dm again say she want sell her properties wey dey Ilorin , she was crying and begging say she wan Kee herself say wahala too much,say if she sell the house she go use am settle debt , she sent that house to me more than 15 times but I didn't post , reason been that I don't want any scammer associated with me and who knows if the house doesn't belong to her, she was still coming to my dm from every page mark collect then i stopped replying her completely.

So wetin come bring all these narrations wey I dey talk now na when two days ago somebody enter my dm say one actress lady scam her of 500million for visa meant for her clients and the actress is bragging that Demola Adeleke is her uncle, Gistlover is her person so no one can call her out,Nibo , na ogun go kee that actress, I dey call Buhari out if he waka anyhow who come be the oloriburuku actress she come send pictures, he turn out to be Metomi Otbolt Temilade the popular scammer , I was so livid, so this girl is still scamming, I told the lady to send all their transaction details to me which she did , so this is how Metomi works , she rented a fake office in Abuja just to deceive and lure her clients that she is legit, she works hand in hand with a certain man, and once they get payment, they share the money them come up with a fake refusal letter if the pressure is too much from their clients, apparently she has alot of victims not just this woman, it was after I opened her case that her victims start coming out and they all said she promised to k1ll them of they say a word or drag her , so when I posted the hint today she already knows that the w.. 

"All of una wey dey ask of the Jaguda Baba ole page, here you go, she dey change name every 3 market days,I no say make una follow the Alaye baje elenu shiun bi aggeee aluwala ooo, don't follow a th1ef, we [email protected] th1ves to their coffin ni, I dey Comey gathering more evidence, Ile mo ba Mufu oloosa oko Temilade,igara oloosa, Omo jagba , I dey come seh. Who else notice this thing, any actor wey don enter dragging list, Africa magic must show their movie to further the dragging, the person wey dey select that movie for Africa magic na Vawulence Nation person, you can't tell me otherwise 不不不不Oju Ole re, Ole,Oju gbewiri re, Ole , Oju Anini re, Ole, ebami wa Tyre, afe sun Metomi Temilade (make person help me with tyre and kerosene plus matches) I want to check something on Temilade Metomi body,I come in peace. 

"All these una video dey gimme joy, Metomi Temilade, Emi eh afe bo, we are just getting started ooo, just keep running, If he sure for your papa drop location, Lets pick it from there, Onikuure, As your matter don reach Headquarters, End of the road for you, better get ready because this matter just dey start , you go vomit all those money, Aye eh ma baje momi lowo, all these ones na still tospi(tip of the iceberg)wait for wetin wan h1t you next, I come in peace. Ibadan people don join the challenge ooooo不不不不不不不不不不E say na Ete ponpon, Woni ko duro re Ole, Esin olorombo, Temilade Jaguda baba Ole, Ageshinkole, you go hear word. L"

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