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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Adin Ross gets banned on Twitch for 7 days as soon as he starts doing push ups and telling his fans not to watch porn

Adin Ross gets banned on twitch as soon as he starts doing push ups and telling his fans not to watch porn.

Controversy has followed Adin Ross in the last month, with the streamer supporting Andrew Tate amid his arrest in Romania and continuing to support rapper Tory Lanez despite his recent conviction in relation to a shooting.

Not only has Ross run into controversy with regards to his relationship with Tate, but he has clashed with the platform itself recently, accusing Twitch of playing favorites and not supporting him.

Now, Adin Ross has been unexpectedly banned from streaming, and no one seems to know why.

StreamerBans has confirmed that Ross was banned from Twitch on January 13. Some are speculating that the ban is in connection to a recent incident that saw Ross breaking a security guard’s arm while arm wrestling, but the reason is not confirmed.

This is not the first time that Ross has gotten into trouble on Twitch, as according to StreamerBans, this would be his seventh ban.

In the past, Ross has been banned for the use of homophobic and hateful slurs, but several of those instances were misunderstandings.

While the arm wrestling instance would violate Twitch‘s guidelines that prevent streamers from showing content relating to “death or extreme injury. ” The injury did appear to be accidental and took place more than a week ago.

Now, Twitch has banned Adin Ross for seven days. No reason has officially been shared with the public, leading to all kinds of speculation over the matter. Some think it's in relation to Adin Ross showing support and consistently talking about Andrew Tate in a positive light, some think it's related to an incident where someone recently accidentally broke their arm on stream while arm wrestling, and some have also chalked it up to someone's backside being barely visible after exiting a tub in the background of Adin Ross' stream. As of right now, we simply don't know. However, Ross did upload a YouTube video talking about the ban, but didn't share the reason he was given for it.

As of right now, Adin's ban will only last a week, so it won't be too long before he can return. However, for various streamers, these short bans can still really impact their career. Given how much money these streamers make on any given day, multiple days without streaming can lead to a big loss in revenue, though probably not significant enough to actually cause any kind of long term damage depending on the person.

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