CAUSE OF DEATH: Mampintsha's Mom - Zamanguni Gumede, has passed away last night in Westworth Hospital KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Monday, January 16, 2023

CAUSE OF DEATH: Mampintsha's Mom - Zamanguni Gumede, has passed away last night in Westworth Hospital

Mampintsha's Mom - Zamanguni Gumede has passed away last night in Westworth Hospital. She died at the age of 64, her sickness got worse after her son's passing.

“She called us at 10pm to come visit her at the hospital, me and my children. When we arrived she said she wanted to say her last goodbyes. She left us at 11pm.

“She held our hands and gave us all a message. She said she was saying goodbye. Her last words to me were that I should look after the children and she will miss Mampintsha's son”.

Gumede had asked Pinki to bring Mampintsha's son to the hospital, but she told her mother she would bring him in the morning.

“She said there was no time. She told us she loved us and we should look after ourselves. She said that she was very tired”.

Pinki said she was heartbroken at the loss of her mother and brother in a matter of weeks.

“I don't know why they have left me. I am not okay."

Last week Pinki said her mother was not coping with Mampintsha's death.

“She is not taking Mandla’s death well. She started feeling ill before him but got worse when he was admitted to hospital,” she said.

Gumede, according to “Daily Sun”, died at the age of 64 at Wentworth hospital. According to the report Gumede was surrounded by her family hours before her passing, and they had a moment to say their goodbyes.

Gumede had suffered a stroke before her son got ill and her health is said to have worsened after his passing. Last week, Mampintsha’s sister Pinky Gumede shared with Zimoja that their mothers health was deteriorating and she kept asking for her late son.

Weeks after burying her son, Mampintsha's mother Zamanguni Gumede has died.

Gumede was recently hospitalised after suffering a stroke. Her son, Big Nuz musician Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo, died last month after also suffering a stroke.

Mampintsha's sister Pinki Gumede confirmed the news to TshisaLIVE.

She said Gumede called her just before passing to ask her and her children to come say goodbye.

The two buried the hatchet at Mampintsha’s funeral in December after Wodumo publicly called for reconciliation between her and her mother in law, following their on-and-off feuding.

“I want to forgive your sins today because I have been raised by a pastor and I'm saved. I forgive you Ma, please may this thing causing us to fight end as of today,” Babes said during her speech at the funeral.

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