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Monday, January 23, 2023

FIGHTING VIDEO: Lyrica's putting hands on Shekinah on Love and Hiphop

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Lyrica's putting hands on Shekinah.

In the trending video, Lyrica, is seen walking towards the table where Shekinah is seen sitting at.

She got there and gave Shekinah a dirty slap and warned her not to talk about her son and brother anymore.

The moment has gone viral and it has caused stirs on social media.

Reactions below:

Michael: Y'all keep saying "that's what Shekinah get." And I'm overthinking here like, exactly WTF did she get? That sh!t was weak AF. Also, Shekinah was sitting down and Lyrica was still backing up. WTF was she running from exactly?

Cynthia: She'Kangroo really dont need to be on the show. She is too loud and ghetto, no man, no relationship and minding everyones business but her own.

Abel: Shekinah is very messy and that mouth gets her in big trouble welp this is what happens when you cross the line.

Precious: Lyrica can’t fight. And her music hasn’t taken HER voice onto the charts. She’s not smart. This won’t age well for her.

Secar: Lmfaoooo did she tap her & missssss ?? 😭😭 what an absolute fail omg so embarrassing.

Pinky: Shekinah already know she don’t fight I have no clue why she talk so much like she do.

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