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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

MURDERER VIDEO: Ex-UFC fighter, Phil Baroni, arrested for allegedly murdering girlfriend in Mexico

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Ex-UFC fighter Phil Baroni arrested for allegedly murdering girlfriend in Mexico.

Former UFC fighter Phil Baroni allegedly beat his girlfriend to death in Mexico on Sunday after she admitted to sleeping with another man, according to reports.

Baroni was arrested after he reportedly threw the woman into a shower in a fit of rage, causing her to suffer a fatal head injury.

The pro fighter reportedly told cops that the couple had gotten into a heated dispute inside a hotel room in San Pancho after his girlfriend, identified only as Poala, admitted she cheated on him, the reports said.

The 46-year-old New York native, who cops believe was under the influence of marijuana and alcohol, told authorities that he then ordered Poala to go bathe, and when she refused to do so he threw her into the shower, the report said.

She hit her head and slipped, then hit her head again when she fell down, he claimed, according to the report.

The former fighter said he then helped her up and into the bed, where he took off her clothes and covered her with a sheet after she told him she was cold.

Baroni claims Poala then asked him to get her cigars and beer, and when he returned she wouldn’t wake up.

He then ran to grab police who were outside the hotel and told them his girlfriend was unresponsive.

Police then found Baroni’s girlfriend, a Mexico City native, naked on the bed and showing “multiple signs of beatings” as well as “no vital signs.”

A full investigation into the incident began following Baroni’s arrest for homicide. He is being held in custody in Valle de Banderas.

A State Department spokesperson confirmed to The Post that Baroni is detained in Mexico and that they are “providing appropriate assistance.

First reported by a Mexican news outlet, the incident was said to have happened on January 1st in a hotel room following a fight over alleged infidelity. The woman was said to be of Mexican origin. Both were said to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The report stated police found the woman unresponsive in bed with bruises and blows all over her head and naked body and noticed Baroni's hands were red.

The 46-year-old is being held in jail and is awaiting sentencing.

He reportedly told local police that he told her to take a shower after learning she slept with another man and when she refused, he forced her in the shower and she hit her head.

He said she claimed she couldn't get out of the tub so he assisted her and took her to bed, wrapping her in a blanket as she complained about being cold. He said he went out to get beer and cigarettes that she requested and thought she was sleeping when he got back.

Upon questioning, Baroni reportedly told authorities that he “was smoking marijuana and drinking beer in his room” around 3pm when a violent argument erupted. Phil Baroni’s girlfriend reportedly revealed she had slept with another man. He then reportedly demanded she go shower, she reportedly refused, and that’s when the violence began.

He then allegedly threw her into the shower and she hit her forehead before falling back and hitting her head a second time.

Allegedly, upon returning he found her unresponsive and tried to wake her.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Phil Baroni is being held at Juzgado Municipal Administrativo de Valle de Banderas and is currently facing a potential murder charge.

Phil Baroni’s last Instagram post was five days ago with a location tag in Mexico.

Baroni’s last UFC fight was roughly 10 years ago on December 31, 2012. After leaving the UFC he moved around to PRIDE, ICON Sport, EliteXC, Cage Rage, Bellator, and had other MMA chapters in his career.

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