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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Myra Zainal breaks up with fiance, Hardee, due to cheating scandal

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Myra Zainal breaks up with fiance, Hardee, due to cheating scandal.

According to information, Hardee, cheated on Myra Zainal with a young lady named Fara.

Fara has taken to social media to explain her own part of the cheating rumours.

She wrote: "On 19th of October 2022, I’ve been accused and exposed where my house is located, my name has been mentioned that I’ve been disturbing their relationship “EVERY DAY”, publicly and humiliated me publicly which I strongly disagree on their statements.

"I appreciate you guys that knows this to not mention any names for safety purposes, but I’m here just telling my part of the story because this has been going on for too long and I’ve been keeping quite. 
Is this your non cheater boy?

"P.S, I just left him waiting and he left after few hours and kept calling me and bugging me until late night. Now you’ve come full circle and it came right back to your face, yeah any girl would be trauma to date you including me. Freaking manipulative oh this guy. Please beware!

"Exhibit A - He just called and asked me is this Fara? (It’s been years we haven’t contacted each other. So which part I’ve been disturbing him or the relationship you’ve been telling people about?)

"Purpose of this thread is to clear my name & to other girls please beware of this guy. I’m living my live to the fullest and I’m at my happy place now with my current boyfriend, my family, my supportive friends who believes in me when y’all don’t believe in me. #notimefordrama.

"Exhibit B - He came right to my door. (Desperately wants to f*** me one night and leave the next day.)"

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