Naevis, the AI Character from Aespa, will reportedly make her musical debut in March KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Naevis, the AI Character from Aespa, will reportedly make her musical debut in March

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Naevis, the AI Character from Aespa, will reportedly make her musical debut in March.

SM Entertainment's CEO, Lee Sung-soo, on Naevis' debut:

“It was difficult for previous AI artists to be seen as true virtual humans [...] In order for the audience to accept virtual humans as real people, storytelling and music must be supported.”

NÆVIS[1], also stylized as NAVIS[2], (Hangul: 나이비스, naibiseu) is an AI system that helps the avatars of aespa appear in the real world, allowing them to be seen by the real aespa members. She was first revealed in the MY, KARINA teaser video. She was also featured in the group's Black Mamba promotional images.[3]

Based on the music video and lyrics of "Savage", it is believed that Navis sacrificed herself to help aespa defeat Black Mamba. If she can be resurrected, they might meet again.[4]

In "Girls", NÆVIS reappers and helps æspa defeat Black Mamba, but the story doesn't end here. Maybe Black Mamba will be back, and much more stronger...In addition to the eye-catching visuals of the aespa members, the animated character Naevis in the MV also receives special attention from the viewers. Netizens continuously left comments praising Naevis’ outstanding visual, even claiming that she is superior to the 4 ae-aespa members in terms of appearance.

ELRIS is a girl group that debuted in 2017 under Hunus Entertainment. The group was initially noticed for having “K-pop Star 6: The Last Chance”’s runner-up Kim Sohee in the lineup. Bella (born 1999) takes on the position of main rapper and lead vocalist of ELRIS. She also participated in the survival show “MIXNINE” held by YG and JTBC and ended up at 17th place.

Photos of Bella after being shared on Theqoo have surprised Korean netizens because her face shares many similarities with the character Naevis in aespa’s MV. Many netizens even have to wonder, how come with this beauty, Bella in particular and ELRIS in general still hasn’t become famous after 4 years of working in the industry.

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