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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

OnlyFans banned a preschool teacher, Brenna Percy hairyboo, after being fired for allegedly making content inside the school bathroom

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that OnlyFans banned a preschool teacher after being fired for allegedly making content inside the school bathroom.

This isn’t the first time that OnlyFans has taken action against a former teacher for filming content in a school.

As Dexerto reported, Arizona Science teacher Samantha Peer, better known as her adult persona ‘Khloe Karter,’ was banned from OnlyFans after she and her husband filmed videos on students’ desks.

Brenna Percy, otherwise known by her alias, ‘hairyboo’ was fired from her job at Wolf Swamp Road School in Massachusetts after her OnlyFans was exposed.

In a photo posted to her OnlyFans, Percy exposed her chest in a school washroom and captioned the photo “naughty at work.”

The disturbing image shocked school personnel with a stunned secretary claiming, “my jaw is on my desk.”

After the news made international headlines thanks to an initial report by LibsOfTikTok, OnlyFans has banned Percy’s account for creating content in a public area.

Content creators are also not allowed to publish content that, “promotes violence or any illegal activity.”

So far, it’s not clear if Percy is under investigation by law enforcement, but it doesn’t appear that the former teacher is creating content on any other websites under the ‘hairyboo’ name.

Karter, meanwhile, managed to pay off a large amount of debt by transitioning her content to rival websites – something that Percy may want to consider in the event other schools refuse to hire her.

In a post to her NSFW account, Brenna Percy allegedly bared her chest in the school's toilet. She was said to caption the snap: "Naughty at work."

Percy was reportedly found out when the snap was leaked to the LibsofTikTok Twitter account, which shared it with the Massachusetts school.

The page commented: "Massachusetts Preschool teacher 'no longer works for Longmeadow Public Schools' after LoTT contacted the school earlier this week about this teacher appearing to make OnlyFans content on school grounds."

As of January 29, Brenna Percy’s OnlyFans account, ‘hairyboo’ is no longer available and displays a message that users see when a profile has been banned.

“After a review of the account in question – it was terminated due to a violation of our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy,” OnlyFans said in a statement to Dexerto.

This isn't the first time someone has been fired over their personal extra-curricular activities.

Samantha Peer lost her job at Thunderbolt Middle School in Arizona when students reportedly discovered and shared the link to her OnlyFans page. The mum-of-two claimed to have only turned to the adult platform to help her financial situation and to allow her to spend more time with her children.

She said in a YouTube video: "My children are the most important thing to me, and I’m already spending countless hours outside of my contract time on extra school activities, and I don’t think it’s fair that I have to sacrifice my own children’s time because our professional salary did not pay enough."

In a statement sent to parents, Lake Havasu Unified School District said: "It has come to our attention that students have been airdropping explicit material. The images did not happen during the school day and the person depicted no longer works for LHUSD. Please remove all images from your child’s phone and talk with them about the appropriate use of technology."

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