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Friday, January 6, 2023

PHOTOS: Drake meets up with Miss Croatia, Ivana Knoll Doll, who went viral during the World Cup

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Drake met up with Miss Croatia who went viral during the World Cup.

Croatia super fan and model Ivana Knoll isn’t happy that World Cup security apparently put an end to her photoshoot spree with fans.

Knoll, who’s become an internet sensation in Qatar with her sultry outfits, said stadium security prevented fans from snapping photos with her prior to Croatia’s stunning win over Brazil in its quarterfinal match on Friday.

“They don’t allow the fans to take photos with me or pose for photos down here on the railing [at Education City Stadium],” Knoll told Bild. “I then asked them why they were so rude.”

In photos taken before Friday’s match, Knoll appears concerned while speaking with security in the stands.

Knoll turned heads at the match in a red and white-checkered ensemble by her swimwear brand, Knoll Doll, that included a red latex top and pants. She also sported a heart sticker on her chest in support of Croatia.

Despite the drama, Knoll appeared to be in good spirits in a series of videos she posted to her Instagram story.

The Miami-based model shared a clip with former Victoria’s Secret model and Brazil native, Alessandra Ambrosio — along with a number of videos celebrating after Croatia eliminated Brazil in penalty kicks to advance to semifinals.

Knoll — who’s been dubbed the World Cup’s “hottest fan” by various outlets — continues to wear her signature revealing outfits to the competition in Qatar despite the country’s strict dress code.

Visitors to Qatar are supposed to show “respect for local culture by avoiding excessively revealing clothing in public,” according to the country’s tourism authority, which recommends that both men and women should cover their knees and shoulders.

Knoll’s run-in with stadium security came after the fashion entrepreneur described the Qatari organized event as a “disaster” in a post on her Instagram story, saying, “It’s clear why so many people didn’t even want to participate in this circus!”

Knoll — who is represented by a Los Angeles modeling agency — obtained a visa in October, which allows her to work in the United States for next three years.

Belgium was a heavy favorite to get out of this group (along with Croatia) and simply didn't. Croatia just needed a draw to survive, Belgium needed a win. Knoll probably knew that when she put in her warning. But it's more than that. She's dominating Qatar:

I blogged about Ivana last week but figured it was time for a followup. First, she called her shot yesterday. Belgium had to be aware because she's not fucking leaving Doha. Surely that got into Lukaku's head. Only explanation for this:...

That might be the cockiest quote I've seen. We know Qatar doesn't fuck around with their dumbass laws yet she's flaunting everything right in their face. Hell she might be the face of the World Cup along with Pulisic's balls. She's at every Croatia game front and center wearing the checkered look. She's at the beaches in her checkered bathing suit. Really need Donnie to get out there and do some videos with her. Just a reminder that the Croatia kit should have been drafted in Chicago's draft...

It's an iconic jersey. Now sure, they ended up costing themselves the top of the group by tying today and will likely get Spain in the first round of knockout stage. But this is still a team that made the 2018 final. This is still a damn good squad. The winners of the group? Oh Morocco, a team the US beat 3-0, and the first African country to win a group since Nigeria in 1998. But this is about Ivana Knoll. 

Spain better show up like Ivana next week.

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