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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

PHOTOS: LGBTQ? Burberry’s latest ad is promoting young physically healthy women getting double mastectomies

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Burberry’s latest ad is promoting young physically healthy women getting double mastectomies.

The advertisement appears to show two individuals hugging and touching their heads together. One of the individuals in the advertisement appears to have scars from a double mastectomy, a procedure that can be used to remove cancer or for those transitioning genders.

A number of other conservative Twitter users also reacted to the new advertisement campaign, many of which were critical.

Twitter user Kingsley Cortes, who works for the social media site Gettr, shared photos of an old Burberry campaign and the new one and wrote, "Burberry then. Burberry now."

The conservative legislative action committee Concerned Women for America also responded to the new Burberry advertisement and wrote, "Burberry's new ad campaign has nothing to do with selling clothes but selling an ideology to young women that they were born in the wrong body and the only way to feel better is to become a boy."

"Stop glorifying and normalizing self-mutilation," the tweet added.

Twitter user @GingerPolitical responded to the tweet posted by Libs of TikTok and said that the advertisement was "WAY beyond vile," adding that "destroying kids' lives should ABSOLUTELY be a punishable offense."

In addition to criticism on Twitter, the Instagram post from Burberry also received dozens of critical comments. Two former roommates of Representative George Santos say the congressman took a Burberry scarf from one of them and wore it in public a year later to a 2021 "Stop the Steal" rally at which he claimed his own 2020 election was stolen from him.

The new revelation adds to a lengthy and growing list of accusations lobbed at the new member of Congress.

Gregory Morey-Parker and Yasser Rabello, who lived with Santos and have accused him of stealing other expensive items, told Patch they believe Santos stole a $520 Burberry scarf that was gifted to Morey-Parker by a friend during the time they lived together in an apartment in Queens.

In messages sent in 2020 between Morey-Parker and Rabello obtained by Patch, the two roommates vented about the items they suspected Santos had stolen, including an Armani shirt worth $500. The roommates refer to him as Anthony in the messages, matching reports that Santos was previously using the name Anthony Devolder.

Calls for Santos' resignation — including from Republicans — have become louder following revelations of the extent of his lies as well as the multiple investigations into his business history opened by state and federal authorities.

Santos, however, says he will continue to serve in office.

A representative for Santos did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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