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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Yungeen Ace Reveals Him And Chloe Glass Have Been Together For 7 Years

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Yungeen Ace Reveals Him And Chloe Glass Have Been Together For 7 Years.

In 2018, Yungeen, whose real name is Kenyata Bullard, was the lone survivor of a shooting that took place in the rapper’s hometown of Jacksonville. Three people, including the rapper’s brother Trevon Bullard, Jercoby Groover, and Royale D’Von Smith Jr. — all of whom were under 20 — were killed when a silver Chevrolet Cruze pulled up alongside Town Center Parkway just before 11 p.m. and opened fire. The group was out celebrating a friend’s birthday when the tragic incident occurred, and the “B.A.M.” rapper was reportedly shot eight times.

He continued, “It’s something we don’t do. We cook. We don’t eat out. We in the streets — we know how to move like that. So, knowing the rules of the game, we just got caught slipping — [the] wrong time. Just lollygagging, man. Laughing, having too much of a good time.” Yungeen said that when you live a street life, there’s no problem with having a good time and enjoying life, however, sometimes it comes at a price. 

He also admitted to suffering from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since the incident, which include sensitivity to light and sound, confessing that it’s sometimes a battle to enjoy his success. Still, he believes he’s supposed to be alive.

Over the weekend, Yungeen Ace unveiled his latest album, Survivor of the Trenches. The new project features appearances from Rob49, FastMoney Goon, GMK, Real Boston Richey, and more across 14 tracks. Paired with the release was the official music video for “Gang Nem,” the project’s EST Gee-assisted standout. On the song, Ace spits some bars about the importance of loyalty:

“Where is the n***a to vouch for me? That n***a is dead as dead/ I gotta watch what I say on this mic, ’cause I ain’t tryna go to feds/ I told the b**ches to close her leg, ’cause I just want the head, I can’t fall for none of these b**ches, I’m tryna stay ahead/ Huh-uh, I was on the block with a G-lock (G-lock), you can tell the police, all his guns props (Uh-uh)/ Got the streets on fire, in a headlock (A headlock), run them n***as down, give ’em head scars (Uh-uh)”

When questioned by Baby Jade about that night, Yungeen admitted to suffering from survivor’s guilt, noting that it was his idea to go out that evening. “I insisted, like, ‘Lil bro, let’s go out to eat or something. It’s your birthday.’ It’s my best friend’s birthday. I’m like, ‘It’s your birthday, let’s just go out to eat, ” the rapper recalled. “My other brother, my closest brother — his name is Two-Time — that’s my closest one. I got eight brothers, so he my two — everyone got their one and their two — he my two that I shared everything with, and it’s just like he had just graduated. Like a week, two weeks before, they had just graduated. And then I’m like, ‘Let’s go out to eat, man, [and] let’s go have a good time.’”

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