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Friday, February 3, 2023

$240,000 Ferrari gets stuck in elevator shaft in Palm Beach, Florida

$240,000 Ferrari gets stuck in elevator shaft in Palm Beach, Florida.

They first had to mitigate a fuel leak, which involved setting up portable standpipes and shutting off the power to the business. Once the leak was fixed, crews worked with a towing company to remove the car from the elevator shaft.

Officials said a 45-foot boom and multiple 50,000-pound winches were used to extract the Ferrari.

In total, crews worked for about four hours to remove the vehicle.

No one was injured. An elevator malfunction at a Ferrari dealership left a $240,000 Roma model damaged and dangling this week in Palm Beach, Florida.

Firefighters were called to the scene after the shaft disaster and it took them four hours to extricate the battered Italian sports car from the elevator.

“A car elevator malfunction caused a car to hang in the elevator shaft,” Palm Beach County Fire and Rescue wrote of the operation on Facebook.

They had to first stop a dangerous fuel leak from the silver Ferrari, a process that required them to shut off all power to the dealership.

The sleek automobile has plunged tail first into the empty chamber, puncturing the gas tank in the process.

Firefighters then worked with a towing company to creatively ease the vehicle out of the shaft.

Images of the silver car show extensive damage to its rear end, and dealership officials could not immediately put a price tag on the damage.

There were no injuries to emergency responders or to staff.

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