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Friday, February 17, 2023



Rapper Kiernan "AKA" Forbes' fiancé Anele Nellie Tembe's family believe that the rapper pushed or threw her from the balcony of their hotel room at the Pepper Club hotel in Cape Town two years ago.  
The Tembes also believe that AKA did not attend to Anele who was alive 20 minutes after she landed on the ground, but instead cleaned the hotel room which had blood and then went ahead to party with his friends after her passing.  

These explosive details are contained in a scathing letter which was written on behalf of the family by their lawyers TM Incorporated Attorneys to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in the Western Cape after it declined to prosecute the rapper following an investigation into Anele’s death in June last year. 
The letter was written two weeks after the Tembe family was informed in a meeting with the NPA that they would not be prosecuting Forbes.  

In the letter, the lawyers tell the prosecuting authority that the Tembes did not agree with the NPA's decision not to prosecute the rapper, stating that there was ample evidence to go ahead with prosecuting him. 

The family argued that the decision by the NPA was based on a fabricated statement made by a receptionist at the hotel. They also state that the decision was based on a fabricated statement by the rapper.  
The lawyers wrote that the NPA disregarded crucial evidence which contradicted the one which was at the disposal of the investigators.  
The letter reads: 

The call that Forbes made to the reception was made after Anele Tembe had already landed on the ground. The video footage that captured her fall records a time that is prior to the call that Forbes made to the reception of the hotel. The evidence in the form of the record of the call and the video footage, which are contained in the docket were shockingly ignored. The receptionist is easily contradicted by that.
The family also stated that the investigators ignored a statement by a crucial witness, Rob Stefanutto, who stated that he heard an argument from the rapper's room between a male and a female.  

The family said during the argument "the lady, who later turned out to be Anele Tembe, was heard desperately asking the attacker, being male, to leave her alone. Moments thereafter Stefanutto heard Anele Tembe drop, he then administered CPR on her".

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