CEO, K. Kawshigan, sues woman, Nora Tan, after being rejected because she sees him as “just a friend” He wants $2.3 million in damages because she ruined his reputation. “She brought "trauma, depression and impacts" to my life.” KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Thursday, February 2, 2023

CEO, K. Kawshigan, sues woman, Nora Tan, after being rejected because she sees him as “just a friend” He wants $2.3 million in damages because she ruined his reputation. “She brought "trauma, depression and impacts" to my life.”

CEO sues woman after being rejected because she sees him as “just a friend” He wants $2.3 million in damages because she ruined his reputation. “She brought "trauma, depression and impacts" to my life.”

Mr Kawshigan's high court suit was filed when Ms Tan said she did not want to speak to him any longer, which he reportedly said 'forced him to escalate'.

Ms Tan says she was later contacted by a journalist about a high court case, having also been sent emails from people claiming to be Mr Kawshigan's lawyers.

She also says Mr Kawshigan turned up outside her house in July 2022 with a woman, and refused to leave when she told him to.

Much of this, she says, was intended to cause her harassment and distress, and to force her into communicating with him. Her lawyers are using the 'fair comment' defence over her supposedly defamatory comments, CNA said.

But Mr Kawshigan said her disparagement of him damaged his ‘stellar reputation’ and his mental health to the extent that he has lost at least five business partnerships.

His suit, which is seeking three million Singapore dollars, includes S$1.2million (about £750,000) for loss of potential investments, contracts and payouts due to his shrinking network and S$170,000 (£105,000) for reduction in his earning capacity.

This is his second attempt at suing Ms Tan – he separately tried to win damages of S$22,000 (about £13,700) claiming she breached an agreement to improve their relationship.

However, that suit was thrown out of court, with a deputy registrar saying the court wouldn’t play a role in a ‘calculated attempt to compel engagement’ from Ms Tan.

In her countersuit - seen by CNA - Ms Tan has denied large parts of Mr Kawshigan's claims, according to the news outlet.

From November 2016 to September 2020, she says they began to have arguments and differing opinions, which damaged their relationship.

This was when she asked to have less communication and meetings with him, she says, and she told Mr Kawshigan that they were only friends when he asked her to clarify the state of their friendship.

After this, she says she did not respond to mediation requests.

K. Kawshigan claims Nora Tan damaged his "stellar reputation" and said she brought "trauma, depression and impacts" to his life. He also sought $22,000, or roughly $16,800 in U.S. dollars, in a since-dismissed suit claiming she "breached an agreement" to improve their relationship.

A state court struck down the smaller lawsuit on Jan. 28, alleging that Kawshigan made "manifestly groundless" claims that were "without foundation" and took advantage of the court process in an effort to "intentionally… vexing or oppressing the defendant," The Strait Times reported.

"This court will not be an accessory to [Kawshigan’s] calculated attempt to compel engagement from the defendant who, after years of massaging the claimant’s unhappiness, has finally decided to stand up to his threats rather than cower and give in to his demands," State Courts Deputy Registrar Lewis Tan wrote of the cases.

He initially sued Ms Tan for 22,000 Singapore dollars (roughly £13,700) claiming she 'breached an agreement' to improve their relationship, but this was thrown out by the magistrates' court, which called it an abuse of process.

The court said it would not be an accessory to Mr Kawshigan's 'calculated attempt to compel engagement' from Ms Tan, CNA reported.

Now, however, Mr Kawshigan is suing Ms Tan for 3million Singapore dollars (£1.9m) in the Singapore High Court for a variety of damages he claims she caused him, including trauma he says he suffered when she told him she only saw him as a friend.

A Singapore High Court listing says the case is scheduled for February 9.

The pair met in 2016 and became friends. It is understood they were both members of the Rotary Club of Bugis Junction.

However, Ms Tan said their friendship began to fall apart when they 'became misaligned about how they saw their relationship'. 

Ms Tan said she told Mr Kawshigan that she saw him only as a friend, but that he considered her his 'closest friend'. Ms Tan later said she wished to reduce their social interactions.

In his latest suit, Mr Kawshigan lists a number of allegedly defamatory remarks that he says were made when third parties were present to overhear.

In one, Ms Tan said: ‘He is unnecessarily serving court documents to me personally and he has not tried other ways available to him.’

He also claims to have been defamed when Ms Tan allegedly said she was feeling very harassed by his actions, which included standing in front of her door.

In her countersuit, which includes the equivalent of around £900 for costs of the security equipment and future counselling, Ms Tan claims Mr Kawshigan rattled her door and asked her neighbours for her phone number.

A man has sued a woman for £1.9million in Singapore over 'emotional trauma' after she refused to be his girlfriend following the pair's four-year friendship.

K Kawshigan, a director at drone company D1 Racing, filed two lawsuits against Nora Tan Shu Mei after she rejected him, alleging her actions damaged his 'stellar reputation' and caused him to lose at least five business partnerships.

The woman says she had to install a digital door viewer, an alarm sensor and a smart video doorbell to protect herself from the unwanted suitor, and is seeking about £900 in total to cover the costs of the equipment and future counselling.

According to Channel News Asia, a magistrates' court judgment published on January 28 shows that Mr Kawshigan filed two lawsuits against Ms Tan after their friendship broke down when she told him that she only saw him as a friend

Tan tried to convey to Kawshigan that he was causing her "genuine" discomfort and that she needed greater boundaries and restrictions on their interactions, according to Channel News Asia.

Tired of his advances over the next year and a half, Tan initiated harassment proceedings against Kawshigan, but he indicated that he was willing to take legal action against her – threatening to "make your liability worse" with a case he viewed as having "strong legal basis." 

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