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Thursday, February 9, 2023

DEAD? Fans believe TikToker, Sobriety Jack, has passed away

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Fans believe TikToker, Sobriety Jack, has passed away.

According to information, it was reported that Sobriety Jack, had probably faked his death. 

However, while he appeared on This Morning and did a series of interviews about the apparent surgeries, Jack has now admitted he lied about the entire process in a lengthy social media post to his fans.

He wrote: "This has taken me some serious time & thinking to write this post! As you all know last year I did a story with the papers about wanting to look like Beckham and because I spent 20K to look like him!

"I haven't spent 20 grand or ever WANTED TO LOOK LIKE BECKHAM :) I did this for a story but never expected how it would go :) my real friends and family knew the truth and it was all a media stunt!"

Jack added: "When I was at college I had anxiety and depression really bad and my psychiatry (sic) said I could not work!

"FAME doesn't solve your problem it actually made my problems worse! Don't get me wrong it's amazing having free things sent to you or GETTING invited to celebrity events or being paped (sic) but behind the cameras I was living in a fantasy!"

Responding to the messages of support, Jack then wrote: "My post earlier today was the hardest decision! All the messages and comments I have received been absolutely overwhelming :) I can't be somebody I am not!"

Jack previously claimed he paid for all of his cosmetic procedures with loans, which he then paid back with his welfare money. 

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