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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Ex-Banker, Tiamat Legion Medusa, turns himself into “Genderless Dragon” with extreme body modifications and tattoos.

Ex-Banker turns himself into “Genderless Dragon” with extreme body modifications and tattoos.

They made their body modification fantasy a reality — at the expense of family.

A former banker who covered their body in tattoos and piercings in a bid to become the world’s “first genderless dragon” is speaking out about the dramatic body transformation.

Tiamat Legion Medusa, 61, who hails from Texas, has spent the past decade undergoing an epic metamorphosis into the mythical monster.

However, Medusa had long dreamed of adding more prominent piercings and tattoos which weren’t appropriate for the world of finance — so they subsequently quit their career and embarked on pursuing their dragon dream.

In the years since, Medusa has tattooed their face, split their tongue and even added $80,000 horn implants on their forehead as part of the transformation.

In an interview with YouTuber Anthony Padilla, Medusa — who was born Richard Hernandez, and now uses they/them pronouns — explained they were working as a high-flying financier before deciding they could no longer partake in corporate conformity.

“I was in my late 40s, prior to me living my life as the freak that I am … I already had 79 piercings and most of them were hidden,” explained Medusa, who goes by Dragon Lady Medusa online. “The ones that weren’t I could take out every day and put them back in, which is what I used to do.”

To date they have spent more than $US60,000 ($A84,900) on body modifications including castration, ear removal, tongue splitting and 18 horn implants.

And the fantastical makeover isn’t over with the pre-op transsexual planning a penis removal, teeth removal and more tattoos to fully morph from human to reptilian.

“People think that modified people, especially those who go to great extremes to look like something in a sci-fi film, are losers and dumb as dirt,” the 60-year-old said.

The now heavily embellished American had to survive child abuse, self-harm and AIDs on the journey to happiness

Tiamat said that he struggled with being born a boy from age 11 years and came out as gay – while dreams of becoming a girl had to be kept hidden.

After graduating high school in 1979 they escaped the small town of Bruni to live in Houston and life took a positive turn when a position as entry-level clerk opened up at bank JP Morgan Chase.

But the decision to switch careers and get modified for the first time in 1997 with a pair of £330 ($A566) horns came following a diagnosis of HIV and then AIDS which back then was thought to be a death sentence.

“In my past life as a man, I was a banking Vice President at one of the nation’s largest financial institutions.

“I want people to know that modified people are just as intelligent, kind, loving, and good as anyone else.

“Just because I had my ears removed, does not mean my brain just rolled out and I’m just a blithering idiot.”

“Having been to hell and back, having endured so much cruelty at the hands of humans, making myself into something from another species is my own way of dealing with the spiritual, emotional, psychological pain and anguish that continues to torment me through my life today.

“It may not be how others would have handled things but this is my life and I will do things my way – and I will continue to march to the beat of my own drum.”

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